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Development of Television in Australia

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    The Development of the Television in Australia Over the Years

  • Robert Menzies' Announces Gradual Introduction of Television

    Robert Menzies' Announces Gradual Introduction of Television
    Robert Menzies officially announces that there will be a gradual introduction of television within Australia and the construction of an ABC Television station in Sydney is commenced.
  • Television Licences Granted

    The first television licences in Australia were granted by the government to services in Melbourne and Sydney. A company formed by Herald and Weekly Times Ltd was one of the successful applicants granted a licence. Their TV station eventually grew to be one of the most renowned stations in Melbourne - HSV Channel 7
  • Transmission Testing in Sydney

    TCN-9 (Television Corporation New South Wales - Channel 9) commence the testing of transmissions in Sydney. The tests were initiated with monochrome colours.
  • Transmission Testing in Melbourne

    HSV - 7 (Herald Sun Victoria - Channel 7) commence the testing of transmissions in Melbourne. The tests were done in monochrome as well.
  • The Television is Officially Launched.

    The Television is Officially Launched.
    TCN 9 Sydney was the first TV station in Australia to initiate regular transmission. The very first public transmission became live on Sunday 16 September at 19:00. Bruce Gyngell is often credited as the first person in Australia to visually appear on live television. His famous first words were "Good evening and welcome to television. "
  • Channel 7 is Launched in Melbourne

    Channel 7 is Launched in Melbourne
    Quickly followed after the launching of TCN - 9 came the official broadcasting of HSV - 7 Melbourne.
  • ABC TV is Finally on Air

    As promised by Robert Menzies, the television station ABN 2 Sydney officially commences transmissions of the ABC television.
  • Crawford Productions' Transmits their First Program onto Television

    The first television program created by an independent producer was broadcasted onto televisions in Melbourne. The independent company 'Crawford's Productions' created their first television show named 'Wedding Day'. This successful show was broadcasted every week on HSV7 at 21:30 and ran for a total of 39 weeks.
  • The Olympics are Televised!

    Thankfully,the first live transmission in Australia was done a few months before the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne. The Olympics were televised by HSV7 in Melbourne.
  • The Sydney Version of Channel 7 Begins Transmissions.

    ATN7 (Amalgated Television New South Wales - Channel 7) begins transmissions after HSV.
  • The First Live Opera Is Transmited onto Australian Television

    ABC TV became the first out of many channels to broadcast live operas. The first opera broadcasted onto television was named 'The Telephone'
  • Current Affairs goes Live

    ATN7 Sydney became the first station to broadcast Australia's first current affairs program. The show was called ' At Seven on Seven' which was hosted by Howard Craven. The show was broadcasted on 19:00
  • Melborune Programs Broadcasted to Sydney

    Linked by microwaves (forms of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths ranging from one metre to one milimetre), shows that were previously exclusively for Melbourne were now capable to be broadcasted to Sydney and vice versa.
  • Period: to

    Overhaul of Television Stations Around Australia

    Other major cities around Australia begin transmissions for the first time. Notable ones include:
    16 August: QTQ9 Brisbane begins transmissions
    05 September: NWS9 Adelaide begins transmissions
    16 October 1959: TVW7 Perth begins transmissions
    01 November 1959: BTQ7 Brisbane begins transmissions
    02 November 1959: ABQ2 Brisbane begins transmissions
    27 September 1965: NEN9 Tamworth begins transmissions
  • First Show Aimed Directly Towards the Teenage Market is Broadcasted

    ABC TV was the first channel to broadcast an Australian music show directly aimed for teenagers. The show incorporated much more wilder music compared to Channel 9's family-orientated ones. This teenage-aimed show was titled "Six O' Clock Rock" and ran until December 1961
  • First Live Broadcast of the Melbourne Cup

    The Melbourne Cup was broadcasted all over around Australia. This was made possible from microwave repeater stations on the tops of Melbourne which made it possible for most channels around Australia to view this event.
  • New Current Affairs Program Premiers on TV

    The ABC's new current affairs program "Four Corners" (1961-Present) was first broadcast on Sydney at 22:00 on Saturday 19 August 1961. Four Corners is Austraia's longest-running program on television
  • Seven Network is Formed

    The ATN (Australian Television Network) is formed with affiliation of ATN7, HSV7, BTQ7 and ADS7.
  • Nine Network is Formed

    Media prorietor Frank Packer created the National Television Network, with Channel 9 Station's around Australia joining TCN9 Sydney.
  • The Familiar ABC Logo is Adapted

    After collecting results from a competition requesting logo designs for the ABC, the company finally chose a design that resembled the wave-form patterns on an oscilloscope.
  • Apollo 11

    Apollo 11
    The Apollo 11 moon landing was successfully televised by many stations around Australia.
  • Darwin Finally Receives Television

    With more than a decade past the first transmissions in Australia, Darwin suprisingly did not receive television until 13 August 1971. Darwin was the final capital city to receive television.
  • Introduction of 'R' Ratings

    Introduction of 'R' Ratings
    Don Chipp was appointed as the Federal Minister for Customs and Excise and ultimately remodeled the classification whilst also introducing the 'R' rating in 1971.
  • Colour Television!

    Colour Television!
    Colour television was introduced in an extremely unique way during 28 & 29 February 1975. Two minutes before midnight on 28 February, the protagonists from "The Aunty Jack Show" were seen attempting to fend off the 'colour monster' who was visually represented in colour. Interestingly enough, two minutes after midnight, the protagonists transitioned from monochrome to colour!
  • Tobacco Ads Banned

    After mandatory health warnings on tobacco ads in 1972, a total ban of these ads came into effect on 1 September 1976.
  • SBS if Officially Launched

    SBS if Officially Launched
    In January 1979 SBS was officially launched an gained control of many ethical radio stations around Australia. Their first television broadcasrs took place on 24 October 1980 in Sydney and Melbourne.
  • World Series Cricket is Launched

    After the Australian Cricket Board initially refused Nine Network's offer for rights to broadcast cricket matches, they eventually granted Nine Network exlcusive rights to broadcast cricket in Australia.
  • 'Today' Show Launches

    Released by Nine Network, 'Today' is Australia's longest running morning breakfast news program. Having been premiered since 28 June 1982
  • The Debut of 'Neighbours'

    The Debut of 'Neighbours'
    Seven Network debuted their newest half-hour long soap opera "Neighbours". After being an inital failure, the show was axed but soon revived - this time by Network 10. With 'Neighbours' in the grasp of Network 10, a strong cult followed it and soon became one of the most famous Australian television soap operas.
  • 9 Network Purchased for $1 Billion

    Perth entrepreneur Alan Bond purchased Channel 9 from Kerry Packer for a whopping $1 Billion. However, in 1990, Packer regained control of Channel 9 for $250m. Profit?
  • Intorduction of Consumer Advice

    On May 1989, it became compulsory for any show or film rated above 'G' to provide a warning to the viewers before the commencing of the episode/film. Australia was the first country to this and has since been adopted by many other countries.
  • Pay TV is Allowed

    The Federal Government announces the approval of pay TV. The company 'Australis' was the first company to distribute subscription television Service to all the capital cities of Australia except Perth and Darwin.
  • The DVD Arrives!!!

    The Digital Versatile Disk (DVD) was first sold in Australia in 1999. DVD players were filling the market and thus, watching movies on the television became a lot more easier.

    One of the most popular pay TV company in Australia, FOXTEL was founded and introduced to Australia on 15 September 2000. It was formed through a joint venture established between News Corp(FOX) and Telstra(TEL), hence the name 'FOXTEL'.
  • Sydney 2000 Olympics is Broadcasted

    Sydney 2000 Olympics is Broadcasted
    Seven Network was the broadcaster of the opening cermony of the 2000 Summer Olympics held in Sydney. It wa one of the highest-rating programs ever shown on Australian television.
  • Period: to

    ABC Devlopment

    ABC launches the ABC Kids Channel (1 August 2001)
    ABC closes the ABC Kids Channel (22 May 2003)
    ABC2 launches with an episode of Landline (7 March 2005)
    ABC relaunches ABC Kids Channel, but renames it as ABC3 (23 September 2007)
    ABC TV becomes ABC1 (1 January 2008)
  • 50th Anniversary

    The First Australian Television is now 50 years of age!
    Enough said.
  • Period: to

    Influx of new Channels

    One HD (26 March 2009)
    SBS One (1 June 2009)
    SBS Two (1 June 2009)
    GO! (9 August 2009)
    7TWO (1 November 2009)
    7mate (25 September 2010)
    Eleven (11 January 2011) - Good day to launch it!
  • No More Analogue Televisions

    No More Analogue Televisions
    Conversion from analogue to digital television is finally complete. All services on analogue television is shut down.