Digital devices

History of Digital Devices

  • First telephone

    First telephone
    This is the first telephone that was made. It was created by Alexander Graham Bell and this meant they would be used to communicate with other people.
  • Period: to

    Development of Digital Devices

  • Telephone in 1900

    Telephone in 1900
    This shows that the telephone has developed because it means that they can be able to use it in order to phone people local to the other person.
  • The first TV made

    The first TV made
    The first TV that was made was a television that was made by a Scottish inventor called Logie Baird and this allowed the individual to make picture be seen but only have 2 channels into it.
  • TV in 1940

    TV in 1940
    TV's in the 1940s were the development as they managed to have a screen that was seen by everyone and it managed to have the clear black and white picture and had 4 channels.
  • Automatic electronic digital computer

    Automatic electronic digital computer
    The first digital computer was made by John Vincent Atanasoff and Clifford E. Berry and they were able to create it and test it all by themselves. The name that it was called is the Atanasoff–Berry Computer (ABC) which was a huge computer that would fill a room based on all of the information it was transmitting.
  • TV in 1950

    TV in 1950
    TV's in the 1950's were able to be similar than designs in 1940 but thy had a stand in order for it to be seen from further sitances. This was a development as it allowed a variety of different people to buy them but at that time they were very expensive and people rarely had TV's at that time
  • MAVAC computer

    MAVAC computer
    The MAVAC computer was a huge development during the 1960's because it meant that they were able to use it gather information from other people as the government used it to get information from radio calls etc.
  • TV in 1960

    TV in 1960
    TV's in the 1960's were the first to display colour which was really expensive but it shows that they were developed as it meant that picture was clear without any disturbances or a cut out in picture. This meant that colour was being introduced during that time period but it was difficult to buy something in colour at that time.
  • First electronic camera

    First electronic camera
    In 1975, the first camera was created by an engineer at Kodak called Steven Sasson and he was able to use a charging device that allowed him to create a camera with a small zoom and a variety of features that was popular at the time
  • TV in 1980

    TV in 1980
    TV's in 1980 were the first to be introduced with a remote and it shows that it had more than 4 channels and was the biggest development at the time as colour was recognised and the picture quality dramatically improved since the first TV.
  • Computer in 1980

    Computer in 1980
    This shows that the computer has developed in 1980 because it means that it has a keyboard and all of the complicated information is inside the small computer that was made by Apple. This meant that it managed to programme well and last a long time.
  • Canon AE1

    Canon AE1
    The Canon AE1 is one of the first cameras that Canon had made and this shows a development of cameras. It shown a development because it had the first zoom features and it is electronically controlled instead of taking a long time to work the camera.
  • Computer in 1990

    Computer in 1990
    This shows a computer in 1990 and it has developed overtime because it has a screen that has a built in hard drive that holds all of the computer information and the motherboard which used to be the size of a room but now it has been sized down in order to meet the needs of the user.
  • TV in 2000

    TV in 2000
    This shows the development over the past 60 years how small the TV was back in 2000. It shows that it wasn't complicated to work as it handles all of the information and channels with colour on a satelite at the top. It had a dramatic development because it allowed people to have more freedom due to the size of the TV.
  • Computer in 2000

    Computer in 2000
    This is a computer that was made in 2000. This shows that they have been able to have a bigger screen and have a faster processor in order for the user to use it a lot easier and make their programming quicker.
  • TV in 2015

    TV in 2015
    This shows that from the most up to date TV, it has shown that they have developed a lot over the past couple of years and it shows that they have a lot more features that are user friendly such as hand features and having built in applications.