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  • Invented

    Paul Gottlieb Nipkow, a student in Germany, developed the first ever mechanical module of television. He succeeded in sending images through wires with the help of a rotating metal disk. If the first TV wasn´t invented from a Nipkow in late 1800s, we would not have the TV-programs today.
  • Mechanical Scanner System

    Mechanical Scanner System
    Campbell-Swinton from England and Russian scientist Boris Rosing, used the cathode ray tube in addition to the mechanical scanner system, to create a new television system.
    From the experiments of Nipkow and Rosing, two types of television systems came into existence: mechanical television and electronic television.
    If this inventors was not, invented this system know we do not have a digital Tv, and probably would not exist the video games.
  • Electronic Television

    Electronic Television
    The experiments of Swinton, with the cathode ray tube for electronic television held great potential but were not converted into reality, and then Philo Taylor Farnsworth was able to invent a working model of electronic television that was based on Swinton’s ideas.
  • Tv Practical

    Tv Practical
    An American inventor called Charles Jenkins used the disk idea of Nipkow to invent the first ever practical mechanical television system.
  • First Tv move

    First Tv move
    A British inventor known as John Logie Baird, was the first person to have succeeded in transmitting moving pictures through the mechanical disk system started by Nipkow. He also started the first ever TV studio.
    The mechanical television system saw many innovations. Although the discoveries of these men in the department of mechanical television were very innovative.
  • Transformation Tv

    Transformation Tv
    All television systems had converted into the electronic system, which is what is being used even today, but if he did not invented this, the water is would major protected.
  • Coaxial Cable

    Coaxial Cable
    The introduction of coaxial cable, which is a pure copper or copper-coated wire surrounded by insulation and an aluminum covering. These cables were and are used to transmit television, telephone, and data signals.
    The original coaxial-cable system could carry 480 telephone conversations or one television program.
    If the coaxial cable had not invented, probably would not made the telephone conversations.
  • New Tv

    New Tv
    The first travell to the moon was presented by the tv programs, and the 600 million people watch, this, but, If the tv did not existed the people world would not watch this event.
  • New Tv`s

    New Tv`s
    The Tv, will be replace the computer monitor, the students did the homeworks in books, and childrens will study at home, by the internet connection from tv, and will have the instantan information access
  • Replaces

    If This inventors hadn´t invented the TV, mankind would have passed many years incommunicates, because did not had access to the tv news, but probably we will get all music, movies and books from the tv internet conections.