Toy Story 4

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  • Prolog/ flash back

    Prolog/ flash back
    At the beginning of the movie, we open up on a stormy night nine years ago. Where we see Andy rush in from outside with toys in hand. As they all rush to the window.
  • Prolog/ flash back 2

    Prolog/ flash back 2
    In this second part of this flask back we hear them talking about a toy that might be lost forever as Buzz, Woody, Slink, and Jessie rush into Molly"s room. There we meet Bow-peep and her lams Billy, Goat, and Gruff as the run to pull the blinds. To see the toy car that is getting swept away by the rain.
  • Prolog/ flash back 3

    Prolog/ flash back 3
    Buzz asks how they are going to get the toy and Bo Peep and Woody say in unison operation lower toy. Woddy went to try and get this toy with the help of slink they scale down the side of the house to try and reach this toy. He is just a little too far so, the barrel of Monkeys also helped along with Bo Peep. With all, there help Woody can reach the toy just as a car pulls into the driveway as they descend back to Molly's room. The toy makes it in, Woody is about to make it in the window shuts.
  • Prolog/ flash back 4

    Prolog/ flash back 4
    Woody saw Bo Peep get put int a box and carried out of the room. The drops from slink to go try and get Bo Peep. He tells bow-Peep to go with him and hide in the bushes and that this was what was best for andy Bo Peep the replied “I’m not Andys toy It’s time for the next kid. You know kids lose their toys every day. Sometimes they will get left in the yard or put in the wrong box .” and Woddy replied with “and sometimes that box gets taken away”.
  • Prolog/ flash back 5

    Prolog/ flash back 5
    Woody was about to get in the box when Andy runs you shouting “where is Woddy”. Woody looks at Andy from under the car then looks at Bo Peep and doesn't get in. The box was pushed back out to the back of the car. Then the car drove off leaving a very sad Woody.
  • Rising action bonnie making Forky

    Rising action  bonnie making Forky
    Bonnie is in her kindergarten classroom The teacher Miss Wendy is telling the class that they are going to make pencil holders. A little boy comes up to Bonnie’s table. Bonnie says hello but the boy ignores her and takes all the are supplies from that table and walks away spiting his apple into the trash can. Bonnie starts crying Woody sees all of this and so he runs to the trash can and hops inside to get a pack of crayons and art supplies. With this supplies Bonnie makes Forky
  • Rising action Everyone meets Forky / Hearing about vacation

    Rising action Everyone meets Forky / Hearing about vacation
    When Bonnie came back from school she threw her back on the group and rushed out. From out of the backpack came Woody then he got forky out. Forky attempted to get into the trash. Woody told everyone how vital Forky was to Bonnie getting to get adjusted to kindergarten. Next, he told everyone about the road trip. In this time Forky got into the trash. Woody then ran and got into the trash to grab forky and throw him back on the bed for bonnie to find.
  • Rising action Road trip!!!!!

    Rising action Road trip!!!!!
    This starts in the bedroom with Bonnie’s dad coming into her room to wake her up as she starts to list all the toys she will bring. She realizes that forky is gone, her and the dad star looking for it. Then Woody throws Forky up onto the bed for Bonnie to find. Then to road trip montage begins. Wood keeps forky under control for the most part making sure that Boonie can always find him. Woody is really happy that he is able to do this for Bonnie.
  • Climax 1 Forky jumps out of the window

    Climax 1 Forky jumps out of the window
    Woody is talking to Buzz about why he is doing this saying this is something I can do for Bonnie. Talking about how his inner voice wouldn’t let him stop thinking about it. In this time, Forky gets to the window and talks about how he is meant for the trash the jumps. Woody sees this and asks how far away are they from the next stop. Knowing that he could make this he jumps out the window after Forky. Then Spends a little time calling out for Forky seeing him suck in the ground.
  • Climax 1 Forky talking with woody about Andy

    Climax 1 Forky talking with woody about Andy
    We see Forky getting dragged by Woody start walking then get dragged again. Woody talks to Forky about how he is Bonnie’s toy and how he makes her happy. He also talks about how he was first Andy’s toy plus how he was a favorite toy and how he ran the room. Also when Buzz first got there he thought it was a planet. Forky the told woody he know what his problem was “You’re trash just like me.” Woody then told Forky how Bonnie felt about him. Forky wanted to get back to Bonnie.
  • Climax 2 Woody sees Bo Peeps lamp

    Climax 2 Woody sees Bo Peeps lamp
    On there way back to Bonnie Woody and Forky are passing an antique store. Woody looks down at the floor and see the spots of light. He knows these spots from Bopeep’s lamp. So he wants to examine the lamp. So he and forky go into the store to see if Bo Peep was there. They walk around for some time trying to see if Bo is still there. Then the Meet Gabby Gabby talks to them about how her voice box doesn’t work.
  • climax 2 Woody Meets Bo Peep

    climax 2 Woody Meets Bo Peep
    After escaping the antique store Woody tries to get back to Bonnie. The quickest route is through a park. But as he was about to make it through the park a bus of kids then pulls up right in front of him. He makes a run for the sandpit. Toys ask how many are there as a different toy says a full bus of kids. Woody tries to get farther back but then is stopped by the Marie go round. There he is picked up by a kid to face Bo Peep.
  • Falling action saving Forky

    Falling action saving Forky
    Woody Bo-peep and Buzz along with duck and bunny all go to the antique store to get Forky back for bonnie. While going over the plan Woody sees Bonnie and rushes out into the open. Then getting caught by the dolls then delivered to Gabby
  • Falling action saving Wood give up his voce box

    Falling action saving Wood give up his voce box
    After failing to save Forky the first time, Woody goes in alone. Gabby meets him there, they share a heartwarming conversation about how toys are with the kid every step of the way. Woody hands over his voice box to Gabby in exchange for forky say how important he is to Bonnie. Then Woody gets his voice box removed. Only for her to be rejected by the girl she pinning after. She is heartbroken, Woody tells her about Bonnie and how happy she would be to have another toy.
  • Gabby finds her kid resolution

    Gabby finds her kid resolution
    Woody and the rest of the lost toy s rush bake to get to Bonni. On their way, Gabby sees a little girl that is lost and tells woody she thinks this is her kid. She helps the girl gain confidence to go up to and officer and say she is lost. The girl is then reunited with her parents.
  • Finale

    The R.V gets to the center of the carnival. The toys then prosed to get on to the R.v. woody is tasked with choosing Between Bo and Bonnie. He is really upset but then Buzz says Bonnie will be fine. So woody runs off the R.V and stays wit Bo Peep as a lost toy.