Tori's History Class Timeline 2019-2020

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  • Deceleration of Independence

    Deceleration of Independence
    The Decleration of Independence was signed on this day in the Independence Hall in Philadelphia Pa.
  • The Louisiana purchase

    The Louisiana purchase
    The purchase is a land deal between the united states and France. France sold the land to the United States for $15 million.
  • Donner Party

    Donner Party
    The Donner party was a group of pioneers that migrated to California in a wagon train from the Midwest.
  • The California Gold Rush

    The California Gold Rush
    The California Gold Rush was from January 24th, 1848 - 1855. The miners extracted more than 750,000 pounds of gold during the California Gold rush.
  • Jennie Wade's Death.....

    Jennie Wade's Death.....
    Jennie Wade was the only civilian who died during the Battle of Gettysburg.
  • When the show, Friends, aired...

    When the show, Friends, aired...
    This is my favorite show and it aired on 9/22/1994. The last episode was, 5/6/2004
  • 9/11

    The September 11th attacks were a series of attacks by a terrorist group against the United States on the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001.
  • My birthday

    My birthday
    This is the day that I was born
  • The Eagles won the Super bowl!

    The Eagles won the Super bowl!
    The Philadelphia Eagles beat the Patriots in the Super bowl LII, that gave them their first Lombardi trophy in the team history.