Tom's family time line

  • my great grandmother was born

    she lived for 100 year. Her husband died, she raised seven children (5 boys 2 girls) by herself. All five sons were involved in the revolution.
  • my grand father was born

    My grandfather, Nguyen Huu Vu, was born in Quang Trach, Quang Binh. He came from a middle class family. Song itself is Mr Nguyen Huu Dang Thi Contracts and Grant, are descendants of the Can Vuong movement leader. He is the No. 5 in the family. His father died when he was only 10 years old.
  • my great grandfather died

    he name Nguyen Huu Khoan. i don't know how he died
  • He became involved in revolutionary activities

    In 1938, he joined the Indochinese Communist Party, took the alias Nguyen Van Dong
  • he was study at saint maried at Quang binh

    He became involved in revolutionary activities following year, he was appointed as Secretary at the school. The activities of his colonial government soon follow. So, while studying in secondary 3 level The general, he was the French and wanted to move in secret in Laos and Thailand, working in the patriotic movement for overseas Vietnamese to build facilities.
  • He came back

    His secret operation to return to Vietnam, Quang Trach district committee in charge of Government, as chairman of the Hong Us Report and Trung Thuan construction war zone, military training, participation in August Revolution. After the August Revolution, he was elected Chairman of Vietnam Minh, concurrently commander of the army in Quang Binh. In 1946, he won the election, National Assembly 1.
  • Indochina War broke out

    He was appointed as member-cum-political leader of Quang Binh province. During 1947-1948, he commanded the attack on the French much, so, to avoid implicating the family, he used his new name is Dong Si Nguyen, the name of the attachment to the rest of his life he .
  • he came to viet bac war

    He is drawn to the North Vietnamese military grade middle high, then be made ​​to the General Political Department envoys dispatched to participate Command Central Laos wing coordination in the winter-spring campaign from 1953 to 1954.
  • my first uncle was born

    and he is a pilot and he is a chairman of Viet Nam Airline 12 time
  • my father and my uncle was born

    my grand mother lay my father and uncle at the same time . so they look like same same . they was born at viet bac war .when my grand is a general at here .and Ho Chi Minh producted my father and my uncle is Bac and Viet . just like the war now
  • after 1954

    he is what the General Staff, in charge of National Mobilization militia.
  • His rank is colonel

  • my mother was born

    she was bon at Phu Tho . when she born she 5 kg and after that she went to ha noi and study biology
  • he came to china

    He was sent to Chinese school in Beijing Advanced Military
  • he backed to viet nam

    his country and was appointed General Staff served as deputy for a short time, then as political commissar of the Military Region 4 in 1965, then commander of the Commissioner-cum-volunteer Army in Central Vietnam - Ha Laos.
  • my grand father is broken

  • He was appointed Deputy Chairman of the General Department of Logistics, Logistics Chairman-cum-cash means, under Mr. Dinh Duc Thien, Chairman of the General Department.

  • undyly

    He was promoted from colonel to levels higher than lieutenant.
  • my uncle marie

    they married at Ha Noi . also they are very happy to now .
  • my uncle's son was born

    she born at Ha Noi hospital . when she born she so big like now . she is 3kg
  • my grand father was a chairman

    Since 1982, he was alternate member of the Politburo Session V, Official Member of the Politburo Central Committee of Communist Party of Vietnam lock VI (1986-1991), Vice Chairman of the Council of Ministers (now the Deputy Prime Minister) and Minister of Transport
  • my sister was born

    my lovely sister . she was born at ha noi hospital. too. when she borned she don't like her uncle son she is small and werck
  • my mother work at Institute of Physics

  • i was born . the son of the heaven

  • my father is working in minitry of home affair

    he leaved at the traffic company and came to minitry of home affair . and work at there to now
  • my uncle is a chairman of vietnam airline

    he is the longest chairman of vietnam airline . he was a pilot .
  • my family

  • Period: to

    i am a student of academy school

  • he leaved the chairman

    After dismiss ministers, he was assigned to Special Representative Government, in charge of program 327 on the protection and development of protective forests and special use forests, and the Special Adviser of the Prime Minister, taking State Steering Committee of Ho Chi Minh Highway (Highway Truong Son).
  • Myself

    now i'm a student of hanoi academy school . i tall . i happy with my friend :x