Tom Clancy's End War: The Hunted, By: David Michals, Fiction, 385 pages

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    Tom Clancys End War the hunted

  • Pages 1-37

    Brent told how he joined the army after one of his friends died in a street race and now he is a SF leader. A man named Chupra has gottena lead on where to find a man he has believed to have seen in his dreams who is supposed to set his life straight. And the Snow-maiden from the last book a large terrorist threat has recieved orders to hunt down and capture Chupra. TOTAL: 943
  • pages 38-77

    Brent was given the order to find and capture the Snow Maiden andf his girst lead was a castle in france. But the castle was attacked by a terrorist force but Brents ghost Recon team killed the terrorist and the entire team made it out alive. The Snow Maiden found Chopra and is just waiting a while to watch him before she kills him. TOTAL: 982
  • pages 78-118

    Both the Snow Maiden and Chopra escaped the U.S ghost recon team and the suprise attack from terrorist forces. But both are on their way to London and the Ghost recon team are got on there trail. Also, Brent and the rest of his team are realizing how the capture of the Snow Maiden could really benifit their carrers and repuatation. TOTAL:1022
  • pages 119-197

    The Snow-Maiden found and took Chopra and a boy named Hussien as hostage and took off by car but found that the roads are heavily backed up which took them to use bike. But, a U.S naval sattelite discovered them and Brent and his Ghost team are beggining to intercept and are awaiting pick up by helicoptor but a Russian chopper found them before there chopper and Brents team are attempting to take it down. TOTAL: 1100
  • pages 198-224

    Brent and his team got away from the Rusiian chopper and followed the lead that they had on the Snow Maiden. But they found out that she managed to get away once more. They eventually got another lead but it was met with another escape from the Snow Maiden PAGES: 1126
  • pages 225-238

    Brent and the rest of his team where called off and are now home but Brent found out that Major Dennson, his boss got another lead on the snow maiden but she is sending another ghost team on it. TOTAL: 1139
  • Pages 239-260

    Brent taked to the General of the JSF and he gave Brent clearence to persue the lead he has on the snowmaiden so Brent went aboard the USS Florida and began a conversasiton of the subs captain. The Snow Maiden and Chopra have stopped at a hotel and the snowmaiden was met there by her boss TOTAL:1160
  • pages 261-279

    Brent arrived to the shore of Dubi and has began with the operation to intercept the snow maiden at a vault with a latrge amount of money. But he is inturrupted by his bosses to tell him that somebody on his team is working for the bad guys. TOTAL: 1179
  • Pages 280-313

    Brent was able to make friends with the local militia in Dubai and the two groups plan on taking out the Snow Maiden inside of the vault. Also, The Snow Maiden has already made it into Dubai via 3 utility trucks with the help of some chineese militiants. But Chopra has been shot and is very close to dieing. PAGES: 1212
  • Pages 314-385(end)

    Brents entire team was killed with the exception of 3 others including brent in the attempt to capture the snow maiden. The snow maiden got away but not with the gold that she wanted. Chopra died. And Brent was reaasigned along side the 3 others from his team to train militia in Dubai. The snow maidens final objective is to have a brain drain so that she cant remember anything privious in her life then she is free to go. TOTAL:1283