• book was made

    book called the titan was made it was made just like the titanic ended up
  • idea

    two men started making ideas for the titanic
  • launching the tatanic

    launching the tatanic
    the titanic was launched in to the bay
  • arriving

    passengers started arriving for the trip
  • The grouping

    The people were divided by there wealth. The poor people were put in third class cabins that were not as fancy as second or first class cabins. The second class cabins were better than the third but not as nice as the first class the people that lived here were average people. First class cabins were the best cabins they were for the wealthier people with more money.
  • warnings

    The titanic recieved ice berg warnings.
  • Captain leaves

    The captain excused himself and went to the bridge.
  • Crew leaves

    The crew was going to head down to there bunks for a hot drink.
  • crash with ice berg

    crash with ice berg
    They collied with an ice berg and the ship starts to fill up with water.
  • Loading life boats

    Loading life boats
    Captain Smith gave orders to load the life boats with women and children first.
  • lowering life boats

    The first life boat was lowered only about have full.
  • sunken

    The ship was all the way under the water and a lot of lives were lost.
  • Sinking

    The bow of the ship was way down
  • People were still on the boat

    There were still over a thousand people left on board and about a fourth of the ship was under water.