Tina fey

Tina Fey Bossypants

  • The Second City - is created

    The Second City - is created
    -year is not approximated
    - this comes into play later on
  • Born in Upper Darby, PA

    Born in Upper Darby, PA
    Parents: Don Fey and Zenobia Xenakes "Jeanne"
  • Period: to

    Tina Fey's Life within the book

  • M*A*S*H show premiers

    M*A*S*H show premiers
  • Tina gets slashed

    Tina gets slashed
    • in kindergarten Tina was in the alley behind her house when a strangers slashed her in the face
    • she still has the scar (left lower side of her face)
  • Saturday Night Live is created

    Saturday Night Live is created
    • this was the first show
  • Summer Showtime is Created

    Summer Showtime is Created
    • Created by: Larry Wentzler
    • Theatre Program
    • This comes into play later
    • Date is approximated, year is not
  • First Ebola Outbreak

  • Elvis found dead

    Elvis found dead
  • First Test-Tube baby born

    First Test-Tube baby born
  • Pac-Man is released

    Pac-Man is released
  • E.T. is released in theatres

    E.T. is released in theatres
  • Sally Ride is first American Woman in Space

    Sally Ride is first American Woman in Space
  • Titanic wreckage is found

    Titanic wreckage is found
  • Space Shuttle "Challenger" Explodes

    Space Shuttle "Challenger" Explodes
  • Takes Night Job at Summer Showtime

    Takes Night Job at Summer Showtime
    • She took the job when she was a junior in highschool
    • It was really her boyfriends idea -date is approximated
  • The Greatest New Year's Eve Party of All Time

    The Greatest New Year's Eve Party of All Time
    • first day Tima's friends from school and her friends from Summer Showtime cross paths
    • A lot of minor events took place wtihin her various groups of friends during this party
  • Start of Second Summer at Summer Showtime

    Start of Second Summer at Summer Showtime
    -TIna is promoted to e one of the Children's Theatre Directors
    - Her first cast has around sixty 12-year-olds
  • Move to Chicago

    Move to Chicago
    • Don (her father) dropped her off
  • Gets a Job at the YMCA

    Gets a Job at the YMCA
    • after SEVERAL failed attempts at getting other jobs
    • front desk job
    • she meets some very interesting people here
    • date is approximated
  • Starts taking improv classes

    • makes a few new friends
    • begins to think about a new job, tired of waking up early
    • date is approximated
  • Gets a promotion to an office job

    -date is approximated
    -quits less than a year later
  • Starts Job at The Second City

    • date is approximated
    • She was in Blue Company (just another division of The Second City)
    • Blue Company was one of the touring companies so she traveled with them
    • The Second City had an amazing Alumni, including Amy Poehler and many more
    • She meets her husband while working with this company
  • Oklahoma City Bombing

  • Trip to Austria

    Trip to Austria
    • with her husband (before they were married)
    • Jeff is afraid of flying at this point
    • leads to Tina promising to never make him fly again
    • date is approximated
  • Tina Interviews for Saturday Night Live

    • Tina flew out to New York
    • She was being interviewed for a writing positon
    • She was being interiviewed by Lorne Michaels
    • She got the job!
    • date is approximated
  • Princess Diana dies in car crash

    Princess Diana dies in car crash
  • First Show on Saturday Night Live

    First Show on Saturday Night Live
    • first show as a writer
    • Sylvester Stalone was the host
    • she just helped with a skit a performer wrote
  • Period: to

    Tina's time at Saturday Night Live

    • She learned MANY important lessons from Lorne during her time here
    • She met several amazing people
  • Tested to be a character on Saturday Night Live

    Tested to be a character on Saturday Night Live
    • appx. date
    • Tina did her screen test with Jimmy Fallon
    • they were cast for the hosts of the Weekend Update
  • Unclear Presidential Winner

    Unclear Presidential Winner
  • Tina gets married!

    Tina gets married!
    • She married Jeff Richmond on this day
    • Their actual marriage isn't in the book but Jeff is mentioned quite a bit and so is their honeymoon so I thought it was key to include
  • Honeymoon! <3

    • A cruise to Bermuda (ship leaves from New York, so no flying)
    • They basically try to make it fun, but it somewhat stinks
    • they miss an exursion
    • there is a fire in the engine room
  • 9/11 Terrorist attacks

  • Anthrax Threat

    • at 30 Rockefellar Plaza
    • in her dressing room when she heard the news
    • she just left the building and went a few streets away
    • Lorne called her to let her know she was one of the only ones to leave and that everything was okay
    • This was part of the example "Never call a crazy person crazy"
  • Tina's best photoshop experience!

    Tina's best photoshop experience!
    • Date is approximated
    • For "Bust" magazine
    • She feels like they did only what was necessary
    • Tina thinks this is her best yet
  • Development Deal

    • TIna gets a development deal
    • This means she is paid to try and come up with a sitcom idea
    • She came up with one that was turned down
    • Someone suggested she write one on her experiences at SNL as the only head female writer
  • 30 Rock

    30 Rock
    • appx. date
    • She somewhat finalizes her script idea for 30 Rock
    • Tina already knew who she wanted the main people to be
  • First Daughter!!!

    First Daughter!!!
    • Alice Zenobia Richmond
  • Tina leaves Saturday Night Live

    • Decided it was time to move on
    • Still occasional guest
  • 30 Rock Pilot

    30 Rock Pilot
    • The first episode of 30 Rock is released
    • Was postponed due to her pregnancy
    • Trouble afterwards realising that Baldwin had only signed on for one episode
  • John McCain selects Sarah Palin

    • John selected Sarah to be his running mate -The SNL fans immeadietly wanted Tina to play her, even though Tina didn't even work there anymore
  • Oprah on 30 Rock

    • Oprah formally agrees to be on 30 Rock
    • appx. date
  • Tina or Sarah?

    Tina or Sarah?
    • Tina does the SNL skit as Sarah Palin
    • It goes very well
    • She did this skit with Amy Poehler
    • This is the same day they filmed Oprah's scenes for the 30 Rock episode
  • Period: to

    Sarah Plain's six week span on SNL

    • TIna did 6 shows in a row as Sarah Palin
  • Second Daughter!!!

    Second Daughter!!!
    • Penelope Athena Richmond