Timeline to Jefferson

By moorena
  • Roanoke established

    (facts) established relations with natives,first english child born here,(effects) to gather riches, disappeared and nobody knows why
  • The beginning of British exploration

    The start of the New World
  • Jamestown

    (facts) first colony in British Empire, capital of the Colony for 83 years, (effects) natives provided crucial provisions, mortality was low
  • Plymouth/Massachusetts Bay Colony

    (facts) 1,000 puritan refugees, including portions of New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine, (effects) Led to pequot war and King Philip's war
  • French and Indian War

    The french fought with the indians, fought over the Ohio River valley, (effects) French moved west of the Mississippi river, British Government fell
  • Treaty of Paris of 1763

    Ended seven years war,(facts)nations returned territory they captured,(effects)British gained much of France’s possessions, British agreed to protect Roman Catholicism in the New world
  • Proclamation of 1763-October 9, 1763

    (facts) ended the seven years war, to organize Great Britain's new North American empire, (effects) forbade settlers from moving west of Appalachian Mountains
  • Revolutionary War

    fought for rights, started because colonists opposed british taxes, America became free, France and spain gave supplies to colonists
  • Declaration of Independence

    said people have certain rights, declared independence from britain, set grievances against the king, thomas jefferson was the main author
  • Articles of Confederation

    appointed by second continental congress, served as first constitution, established united states of america, conduct diplomacy with europe
  • Treaty of Paris of 1783

    enlarged its boundaries, ended revolutionary war, made America Free, Britain left the country alone
  • Constitution created

    established national government and laws, guaranteed basic rights to citizens, government was weak, made 3 branches of government
  • John Adams elected president

    (facts) first contested American Presidential election, only one which a president and vice president were elected from opposing tickets, (effects) first president was a part of a political party,
  • XYZ affair

    (facts) to negotiate problems that were leading to war, French minister demanded money from america, (effects) caused a political firestorm in the United States, Federalists used the nations anger to build up a military
  • Alien and Sedition Acts

    four bills passed by federalists in the 5th continental congress, to strengthen national security, started quasi war with france, says the country can deport aliens in the country
  • Thomas Jefferson elected president

    (facts) acquisition of Louisiana territory, sent out Lewis and Clark,(effects) doubled size of U.S., taxpayers received suffrage rights