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Timeline Syria

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  • Assad blames outside conspirators for protesters

    Assad blames outside conspirators for protesters
    Assad has always been a crowd pleaser and he has been saying that the people who were protesting were from another country; although, not all were conspirators, he wanted to make the people feel okay with the fact that what he was doing is right. He made a speech indicating that it was the people from western countries putting influence on the people of Syria.
  • Open fire on the protesters

    Open fire on the protesters
    President Assad kept on with the attacking of the protestors and the syrian military killed four women who were protesting. Also to stop the protesting the government brought in serveral tanks and started opening fire on the protesters. In reaction to the protesting the government sectioned off the city and no one can get in or out.
  • 109 Dead in one day

    109 Dead in one day
    The people of Hama are getting killed in the streets like they were sheep getting ready to slaughter. Many of the people who were killed were killed by cannons or tanks. Even though many countries have called for Assad to change is violent ways he keeps things the same ways. He countinues to kill many of the protestors that are agaist him.
  • The Arab League gets involved.

    The Arab League gets involved.
    The Arab League's Committee sent a message to the government in Syria to stop the killing of Syrian civilians. The UN estimates that there is an estimation of 3,000 deaths since the start of the revolt in March. The protesters have seeemed to calm down and the Syrian seems to be settling back into their positions, but the Syrian people are asking for international involement.
  • Justification for the killings

    Justification for the killings
    The Syrian government blames all the killings they commited because they were conspirators of the nation. This contradicts the fact that the government gave the order to shoot o kill the civilians in the protestiing cities.