Timeline Project

  • Period: to

    Prenatal Development

  • Pregnant Mommy

    Mother found out she was pregnant with me
  • Birth

  • Period: to


  • Started Smiling

  • Started to roll over

  • Started grabbing toes

  • First tooth

  • Started walking

  • Started Preschool

  • Little brother was born

  • Started Kindergarden

  • Started 1st Grade

  • Started 2nd Grade

  • Started 3rd Grade

  • Entered 4th Grade

  • Entered 5th grade

  • Entered 6th Grade

  • Gaining weight

    Became slef conscience with body and began to gain a large amount of weight. Healthy eating habits were not in place.
  • Entered Middle School

    5 elementary schools combine into one school. Meeting new people that you are not familiar with.
  • 8th grade

    Better understanding of self. Own the school.
  • Inducted to National Junior Honor Society

  • Entered High School

    Began the journey of discovering what I wanted out of life, socially, pyhsically, and emotionally.
  • First High School Dance

    First high School dance, also first heart break
  • Inducted into National Honor Society

    Intellectual capacity is expanding
  • Hired at first job

  • Recieved Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do

    Healthy eating habits and excercise allowed me to slim down and work hard to achieve physical acceptance of my own body.
  • First Real High School Party

  • Career Choice

    Knowing my identity as a individual, I choose to attend Wayne State University to become a Fashion Designer.
  • Graduated High School

  • Entered College

    Advance critical thinking skills and develop communication and practical skills
  • Dropped out of college

  • Went back to college

  • Bought First Car

    Aiding in the role of becoming self sufficient. Fufilled the need of success and esteem.
  • First Full Time Job

    Fulfilling the need for success. After filling out many applications, I was hired full time in my career field.
  • First Heart Break

    Broke up with long time boyfriend and first love. Emotionally vulnerable and physically in pain.
  • Graduated Nursing School

  • Had First Child

  • Married

  • Passed Away

    Passed away from natural causes