Timeline of the Wakatsuki Family

  • Idaho

    Ko aquired his first job in Idaho in around 1904. While working in Idaho, Ko developed several of the skills that Jeanne uses to describe him as a "jack-of-all-trades". He is said to have developed skills as a velet, a cook, a chaufeur, a mechanic, and a handyman. It is also said that Ko learned how to roast turkies and speak English.
  • Terminal Island in Long Beach, CA

    On this day, Ko is away from his home and the rest of his family. At first this seems like a temporary thing, and his family believes that he shall soon return. However, it would be the last time that they saw him until one year later, in Manzanar.
  • Manzanar

    On this day, Jeanne and her family, still separated from Ko, are shipped out to Boyle Heights in L.A., and then to Manzanar, one of ten internment camps made in the U.S. for Japanese Americans during World War II.
  • Manzanar: Block 28

    While this setting is still technically in Manzanar, it becomes an important setting for the family by instilling a sort of hope in them all that things will get better, and it does seem to. The facility is better than their old quarters, making living a bit easier for everyone.
  • Owens Valley in Long Beach, CA

    This is the next-to-final destination for Jeanne and Ko's family. They are moved into an apartment building, complete with indoor plumbing, with the help of the Japanese rehabilitation group. Once in this town, Jeanne makes friends with a local girl of the same economical status as herself, Ko tries to establish a committe for housing Japanese Americans, and her mother goes to work in the fish canneries. Basically, the family starts to reestablish themselves in the real world.