Timeline of the Congress

  • Period: to

    Timeline of The Congress

  • First Congress under New Congress

  • Congresss moves to the bank of the Patomic River, where it still is today

  • Henry Clay was elected to speaker of congress, the balance of power shifts to Congress.

  • Congress Declares war for the first time.

  • Capitol was Rebuilt.

  • Congress passed, The Missouri Compromise

  • Over 21,000 Post Offices throught America

  • California argument over whether if would be a free or slave state.

  • Abraham Lincoln is elected President

  • Civil War Starts

  • The Great Dome was finished

  • Ammendment to Abolish Slavery

  • Congress voted to Impeach the President

  • Asked for Declaration of War against Germany

  • Congress Declares war after the Pearl Harbor Bombings