Timeline of Shuffalago

By jxg5589
  • Hurricane forms shuffalago

    In 1855, Hurricane David moved the shuffalago islands to the shape it is now. It caused a huge distruction in the land, and this particular, powerful, hurricane was a level five hurricane, and the worst hurricane on record in the world. Now the islands may look like a human "shuffling" now. That is how Shuffalago was named.
  • Shuffalago is founded

    On March 13, 1857, Mark Davis from Britain founded Shuffalago on a ship. He was hoping to find Hawaii. When he landed, he thought he had landed on Hawaii, but he sensed that he had landed somewhere else. He contacted Britain and they told him to start a civilization there. He did what Britain told him what to do, so he started a civiliztion.
  • Period: to

    Shuffalago Revolution

    Shuffalago was forced to pay a lot of taxes because they were in debt after the war against the colonies. Shuffalago colonists were frustrated and started to rebel. The United States felt like they had been in this experience so they decided to help Shuffalago. In the end Shuffalago won.
  • The Hong Volcano erupts

    The Hong Volcano was a volcano that was quiet. The volcano erupted out of nowhere, making everyone evacuate very swiftly. The volcano erupted at night, so many people were not alert and were left behind. Around 3.000 people were killed, and 800 people were injured. Support was automatically sent, and it was just pandamonium.
  • Gold and diamonds are found in Shuffalago

    In 1880, Jeremy Cunham found gold and diamonds in the Parto Rock River. When the word spread out, a gold and diamond rush occured. People came from all islands of Shuffalago came to pan in the Parto Rock River, and people went mining for diamonds. It was so popular that a bag of red apples there costed $15! Now almost all of the world's products that have gold and come from Shuffalago.
  • Invention of laptops

    In the 70's, John Brown invented the first ever laptop. It contained many features like internet, calculator, and a writing device where you could write and save things onto the computer. This invention completely took the world by storm. People from all over the world bought this product, and in the next ten years, almost everyone in the world started to use the laptop.