Timeline of Protests and Blogs

  • Blogging Tip-off

    Blogging Tip-off
    David Blaska blogged about Walker’s plans to bust unions and force dramatic cuts
  • Repair Bill Announced

    Repair Bill Announced
    Governor Scott Walker announced the details of his Budget Repair Bill
  • Massive Protests

    Massive Protests
    Over 50,000 people, including teachers, students and union members, protested around the Capitol Building
  • Camel Footage

    Camel Footage
    Jack Craver captured the Daily Show’s camel slip in the snow on tape
  • Historical Protest Turnout

    Historical Protest Turnout
    Over 100,000 protesters flocked to the Capitol Square to voice their opinions on the bill, resulting in the largest state rally since the Vietnam War
  • News Falsifies Camel Footage

    News Falsifies Camel Footage
    Craver blogged about his dissatisfaction with how national news networks used his camel footage
  • Cronon's First Post

    Cronon's First Post
    Cronon wrote his first blog post, “Who’s Really Behind Recent Republican Legislation in Wisconsin and Elsewhere? (Hint: It Didn’t Start Here)”
  • Cronon's Blog Becomes Popular

    Cronon's Blog Becomes Popular
    Cronon’s blog received over half a million hits and was viewed by tens of thousands of readers from all over the world
  • GOP Requests Email Access

    GOP Requests Email Access
    GOP leader, Stephan Thompson, formally requested copies of all emails sent from or received by Cronon’s UW-Madison email address
  • Cronon's Editorial Published

    Cronon's Editorial Published
    Cronon published his New York Times op-ed, “Wisconsin’s Radical Break”
  • Times Defends Cronon

    Times Defends Cronon
    The New York Times ran an editorial defending Cronon and academic freedom
  • Chancellor Emails Campus

    Chancellor Emails Campus
    Chancellor Biddy Martin addressed the campus community, defending academic freedom and student and personal privacy
  • University Replies to GOP

    University Replies to GOP
    University replied to Thompson’s request, granting the government access to specified emails