Timeline of my life

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    Alex Tackett timeline

    This is the timeline of my life. This timeline begins on March 30, 2001 and ends on October 18, 2011.
  • The day I was born.

    The day I was born.
    This is from when i was born. I look cute, don`t I?
  • The Twin Towers

    The Twin Towers
    This was when the twin towers fell. We`ll never forget that fateful day...
  • Moving

    We moved from West Virginia to Ohio. We are so much closer to my relatives now!
  • My sisters birth

    My sisters birth
    This was when my sister was born. She`s cute isn`t she?
  • My first book made...well sort of.

    I made my first book... well ...almost, yeah almost. It was a page and a half long and I didn`t get to finish it The book was "Ghostbusters". But I`m going to work on it.......maybe?
  • Barack Obama

    Barack Obama
    Barack Obama was elected president. He is the first African American president.
  • The day of the chorus play

    The day of the chorus play
    This is when the 4th grade chorus preformed "Scrooge" at the Eastwood Mall. This picture is near the end of the performance.
  • Japan

    The earthquake was 9.0, which caused 133 foot tsunami waves which caused many nuclear accidents and 3 level seven meltdowns in Fukushima I nuclear power plant complex. It also effected the Fukushima II power plant which effected 6.2 miles of land. U.S officials advised to stay at least 50 miles away from the plant. It was the most tragic event in Japan since WWII.
  • My fourth grade graduation

    My fourth grade graduation
    My fourth grade graduation was an exciting and emotional day. I was sad to leave Robinwood Lane.
  • The day I went to Carneigie...

    The day I went to Carneigie...
    The Carneigie Science Center was awesome! I went to the Sports Complex that is connected to the museum and I went on the rock climbing wall (see picture). I went up 25 feet.
  • My first ''grown-up'' book finished.

    My first ''grown-up'' book finished.
    It seems like yesterday when I finished my first grown-up book. Oh wait, it was yesterday. The book is called "Dead Waters" by Anton Strout.