Timeline of My Life!

  • Born

    This is my birthday!
  • Learned To Walk

    This isnt the exact date I learned to walk, but its close.
  • Learned to Talk

    I learded my first word, daddy.
  • Brother is born

    My brother came home.
  • Learned to Swim

    I learded to swim!! I was four.
  • My first Race!

    This is when my first race was when I was six.
  • Get My dog!

  • Started to Swim Competitively

    I found swimming, and fell in love with it. I was almost 12.
  • Grandpa Died

    My step-grandfather died of a heart attack, he had diabetes, and was a double amputee.
  • Grandma Got Cancer

    We found out my grandma had breast cancer.
  • Middle School Starts

    Middle School Starts!
  • Grandma is cured of Cancer

    She is cancer free!
  • Got First Place in a Race!

    I was swimming butterfly, and I got a first place and got a medal! I was 13.
  • High School Starts!

    My first day of high school!
  • Grandma Has Liver Cancer

    She has liver cancer. Its taking a big tole on us.
  • Made A Best time in swim!

    I got a new best time of 1:13.22 in butterfly!!!