Timeline of life

  • Born

    This is the day that i ws born
  • Hawaii

    I dont know the exact date but i went to Hawaii when i ws only 5 months old and i dont rember it
  • Four-wheeler

    This is the day i got my four wheeler
  • Florida #1

    Florida #1
    This is when i went to Florida for a christmas on my dads side of the faimly and we all sstayed in a huge house
  • Facebook

    this is when i started my facebook account its nothing big
  • Florida #2

    Florida #2
    This is when i went to florida for my spring break vaction
  • Cut ear

    Cut ear
    this is when i trpied and feel into a door and some how cut my ear openand had to get stiches
  • 14th B-day

    14th B-day
    This is when i got my ipod touch for my birthday along with some candy
  • Snowboarding

    this is when i went snowboarding for the first time from 9 at night to 3 in the morning
  • Broken Finger

    Broken Finger
    I broke my finger in summer school playin basketball and got a pass thrown to me and it hit my finger wrong and broke it