Timeline of Events {Zion}

  • 1933-1938

    The Nazi rise to power ended the Weimar Republic. Extensive propaganda was used by the Nazi Party to spread racist goals.
  • Holocaust Timeline

    Holocaust Timeline
    Hello, this is zion cross and, this is what I remember about, the Holocaust.
  • before 1933

    before 1933
    There was a rise in the economic depression.
  • After 1945

    After 1945
    Germany and its allies Saulterd, six million European jews.
  • 1942-1945

    Intensive fighting of the western eastern fronts of World War II began. Nazi Germany made the final solution. began the deportation of millions of jews. at the end of the war, allied troops got full extend of crime during the Holocaust.
  • 1939-1941

    Europe was conquered by Germany and its allies. The Holocaust happened. Jews were forced to wear armbands to identify them.
    Ghettos were being born. Jews were forced into labor camps. Germany turned on the soviet union. Mass shootings.