Timeline of Events (Video Narrative)

  • Introduction of couple

    Danny and Imogen are presented as a couple in shots of them together e.g. watching a movie, kissing, hugging, going out for a meal and going for a walk.
  • Period: to

    Narrative Timeline

  • Cheating

    Imogens cheating is first hinted through text messages then it develops into her spending time with another boy behind her boyfriends back.
  • Separation

    Danny discovers the cheating, leaves Imogens house and they subsequently break up.
  • The individual single spells

    This shows the reactions to the break up from both sides - Danny ignoring Imogen, who is seeking his attention. Imogen starts drinking excessively and Danny drowns his sorrows with friends.
  • Reuniting

    The couple meet back up and decide to get back together, this is done through them meeting each other in Windsor, ends on a positive.