Timeline of Egyptian History

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  • Protests Begin

    Nationwide protests inspired by the Tunisian revolt begin in Egypt against President Hosni Mubarak. About 45,000 protestors come together in Cairo alone.
  • Military steps in

    Protests throughout Egypt continue as the military increases its presence on the streets of Cairo. A curfew is instituted along with a threat of violence should it be violated, but protesters continue their vigil throughout the night.
  • Mubarak Speaks

    After another day of nationwide unrest, Mubarak addresses the people of Egypt and offers several concessions to the protesters. In addition to proclaiming that he would not run for another term and promising various political reforms.
  • More Violence

    Violence escalates as Mubarak supporters continue to flood the streets and come face-to-face with anti-government protestors. Violence toward international reporters and news agencies escalates, as well, prompting many political commentators to suggest that the violence was the result of direct action by the Mubarak government to end the protests.
  • Mubarak Resigns

    At 6 p.m. Cairo local time, Vice President Suleiman announces that Mubarak had resigned his presidency and that the Supreme Council of Egyptian Armed Forces would assume leadership of the country.
  • Mubarak Trial

    Mubarak trial opens. Mubarak denies charges of killing protesters and abuse of power.
  • End to millitary Rule?

    Thousands demanding an end to military rule, pack Tahrir Square in the biggest turnout of a week of protests and violence that has killed 42 people.
  • First Voting

    First voting in elections for the lower house. The election runs through January.
  • Back to court

    Mubarak arrives in court as his trial resumes after a two month break.
  • New President Soon

    Egypt says it will open nominations on April 15 for the first presidential election since Mubarak was ousted.
  • Parliament

    A new parliament holds its first session after the first free elections in years. The Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party is the biggest winner.