Timeline for Computer Technology

Timeline created by 15cheungd1
  • Radio

    The Radio is invented to let people communicate to one another using signals.
  • Television

    The television is for entertainment and gaming. Nowadays, TV could show people what is happening in the world and what are the news. There are lots of TV progams such as comedy, movies and news. (The date of the TV is released could not be found)
  • Digital Piano

    A digital piano is similiar to a piano. The difference between a digital piano and a piano is that it is lighter, more features, there are no strings and the piano could be broadcasting music. (The date of this invention made is unknown)
  • Remote Control

    A remote control is for controlling the TV using a signal which is attached to the remote. (The date of this product was invented is unknown)
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    Timeline for Technology

    The timeline is a line of famous inventions made around the world.
  • Xbox 360

    The Xbox 360 is similiar to the PS3. You could play games and watch television for entertainment.
  • Laptop

    The laptop is a computer that could be taken everywhere. People uses laptops for communication, sometimes games and work.
  • Iphone

    The Iphone was created to let people to communicate to one another around the world. The Iphone also has a camera for pictures, Ipod for listening to music and a App Store to let people download apps such as communication apps, games and books.