• Period: to

    John Adams

    John Adams president from 1797 to 1801
  • Period: to

    U.S. History

  • Population: 5,304,483

    There were 5,308,483 people in the U.S at this time.
  • Period: to

    Thomas Jefferrson

    Thomas Jefferson president from 1801 to 1809.
  • Ohio

    Ohio becomes a state.
  • Slave trade ends

    Congress bans slave trade.
  • Period: to

    James Madison

    Thomas Jefferson president from 1801 to 1809.
  • Population: 7,231,881

    There were 7,231,881 in the U.S at this time.
  • Louisiana

    Louisiana becomes a state.
  • Indiana

    Indiana becomes a state.
  • Second bank of the united states

    The second bank of america recieves it's 20 year charter.
  • Period: to

    James Monroe

    James Monroe president from 1817 to 1825.
  • MIssisipi

    Missisipi becomes a state.
  • Erie Canal

    The construction of the Erie canal begins.
  • Illanois

    Illanois becomes a state.
  • Alabama

    Alabama becomes a state.
  • Florida purchase treaty

    Jodn Quincy Adams' secratary signs the Florida Purchase treaty along with Spanish minister Do Luis de Onis.
  • Maine

    Maine becomes a state.
  • Missouri

    Missouri becomes a state.
  • Missori Compromise

    A compromise between slave and anti-slave states which said that territories north of the 36° 30´ latitude line are slave free in the louisiana purchase. Three years later it was deemed unconstitutional by congress and
  • Population: 9,638,453

    There were 9,638,453 people in the us in 1820.
  • Sant Fe Trail

    Santa fe trail opens.
  • The Monroe Doctirine

    The monroe doctrin bans eoropean contries from making any more claims and also bans U.S. intervention between european countries.
  • Period: to

    John Quincy Adams

    John Quincy Adams was the president at this time.
  • California Discovered

    Jebadia Smith journeys west and discovers Clifornia.
  • The Tariff of Abominations

    A tariff protecting northern companies but hurting south ones.
  • Period: to

    Andrew Jackson

    Andrew Jackson was president at this time.
  • The Indian Removal Act

    This act banned Indians from living east of the missisipi river this act began the trail of tears.
  • Population: 12,860,702

    There were 12,860,702 people in the U.S..
  • Nat Turner's Rebellion.

    A slave named Nat Turner raises slaves and kills 65 pepole.
  • Second bank of america Rechartered

    The second bank bank of america gets a second charter.
  • The texas Revolution

    Texans revolt against the mexican goverment.
  • Arkansas

    Arkansas becomes a state.
  • Battle of Allamo

    Mexican general santa anna attacks mission killing 189 Texans.
  • Period: to

    Martin Van Buren

    Martin Van Buren was president at this time.
  • Michigan

    MIchigan becomes a state.
  • Trail of tears

    Caused by the Indian removal act thousands of Indians are forced to move west of the missisipi.
  • Population: 17,063,353

    There were 17,063,353 people in the U.S.
  • Period: to

    John Tyler

    John Tyler was president at this time.
  • Period: to

    William Henry Harrison

    William Henry Harrison was president at this time.
  • California settlement begins.

    The first reach California at this time.
  • Florida

    Alabama becomes a state.
  • Period: to

    James K. Polk

    James K. Polk was president at this time.
  • Texas

    Texas becomes a state.
  • Irish Immagrants.

    A famine in Ireland causes a flow of Irish imigrants.
  • Iowa

    Iowa becomes a state.
  • Mexican American War

    America and mexico fight over the texan border.
  • Wisconsin

    Wisconsin becomes a state.
  • End of mexican war begining of European Revolutions

    The U.S. wins the mexican war. Revolutions plague Europe.
  • Period: to

    Zachary Taylor

    Zachary Taylor was president at this time.
  • California

    California becomes a state.
  • Population: 23,191,876

    There were 23,191,876 people in the U.S.