• Oct 10, 1497

    The beginning of British exploration

    It get to discovered new materials
    Discovere new routes
    Also cause problems on the Americans during the rule of the british
    Cause battles
  • Jamestown

    irst english settlement,
    place where boats could settle,
    British empire began
  • French and Indian War

    was a seven years war between the natives,
    french and the british,
    it created a huge decrease in the colonies economy,
    it created taxes
  • Treaty of Paris of 1763

    Ended the seven years war
    Prohibited settlement by whites on land of the natives
    Creeat the taxation on the Americans
    Cause American Revolution
  • Proclamation of 1763

    prohibited settlement by whites on land of the natives
    Created peace bewteen the French and the AMericans
    Also ended the Fench and Indian war
    cause a lot of destruction
  • Revolutionary War

    the 13 colonies united to get rid off Great Britain,
    it also start revolution,
    started at lexington and Concord town
  • Declaration of Independence

    he most memorable day in America,
    the congress approve the document ,
    it created freedom,
    United States had its own government
  • Treaty of Paris of 1783

    it ended the revolutionary war between Great Britain and the United States.
    it created peace,
    it probidad more territory to the United states
  • Constitution created

    The supreme law of the United States,
    it also created a stronger government,
    but some people kinda manipulated the constitution,
    is where the amendments have been introduced.
  • John Adams elected president

    Was the second president of United States
    Was president after presient Washington
  • Alien and Sedition Acts

    4 bills were passed and signed by president Adams
    Protect againts foreing countries or nations
    Make harder to become citizen
  • XYZ affair

    diplomatic incident between France and United States, limited the war between France and the United States, control the commerce
  • Thomas Jefferson elected president

    It help for the constitution,
    also was the safe movement in america
    cause conflict between Jefferson and Hamilton