Timeline Assesment Task

  • First Capturing

    On december 31st the first Aboriginal was captured by the british. The Aboriginal captured was Arabanoo
  • Small Pox Epidemic

    In 1789 almost half of Sydney's indigenous population died in a epidemic of small pox, in which was a result of the british settlement.
  • Period: to

    Sydney's Aboriginal Resistance

    The Sydney area resistance againts the british lead by Pemulwuy. Pemulwuy was the leader of many raids on the settlers. Pemulwuy was shot in 1802.
  • Settlers allowed to shoot

    The british flag had been raised for two years when settlers were given the authority to shoot the indigenous people of Tasmania.
  • Bathurst Killing

    In 1824 Marshall Law killed 100+ Aboriginals in Bathurst.
  • Period: to

    Settelment of Victoria

    Edward Hently and his father stayed in parts of the western region without permission from the Indigenous clans. This was the begging of Victorias rapid settlement.
  • Treaties are signed

    two treaties were signed by John Batman, with the Koories allowing Batman to own 600 000 acres of land
  • Period: to

    Establishment of the Aboriginal protectorate of the Port Phillip Regiom

    When the British government were concerned about the effects on the Aboriginal pepople from the british settlement. In 1838 George Augustus Robinson was appointed first cheif protector.
  • Myall Creek Aborignal Massacre

    On June 2nd 1838, 28 unarmed aboriginal women and children were killed at Myall Creek in New South Wales
  • A central board to watch over was established

    A central board was brought in to watch over every move made by the koories, and controlled there lives for a hundred of years
  • All Aboriginal Australian Cricket Team

    With no reconition in sporting history today, the first ever Australian cricket team that left to play in England were all Aboriginal.
  • First Aboriginal Conference

    The first anual Aboriginal conference was organized by Governor MAquarie and held in Parramatta in 1884
  • Management of Native Aboriginies

    An act was introduced that only 'full blood' and 'half-caste' Aborigonies over the age of 34 were entitled to government asistance. Resulting in this many families and communities were divided.
    *No exact date was given, but took place in 1886
  • Parliment act replaced

    in 1957 an act of parliment replaced the board for the protection of Aboriginies, which mergerd Koorie people, families and identities into the broarder Australian society.
  • Indigenous Land Corporation established

    In 1995 the Indigenous Land Corperation was established allowing Koorie communities to purchase historic land in Victoria. This included the purchase of Coranderrk. *no exact date was given but was in 1995