Timeline American History

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  • Jamestown, Virginia

    Jamestown, Virginia
    Settled in 1607 by Virginia Joint-Stock Company, this settlement was the first to discover tabacco.
  • Plmouth, Massaqueses

    Plmouth, Massaqueses
    Settled in 1620 by Pilgrams, this was the first permiate settlement of new england, they where also the first to make realationships with the natives.
  • Boston, Massaqueses

    Boston, Massaqueses
    Settled by Massaqueses Bay colony in 1628, the origonal plan was to settle in an area that's in direcly across the atlantic to england
  • New Haven, Connecticut

    New Haven, Connecticut
    settled by Theophilus Eaton and his men in 1637, Theophilus wanted to make a more tecnological settlement then the one in Massachusetts, plus the waters were perfect for a harbor.
  • Adding Machine

    Adding Machine
    In 1642, a young boy named Blaise Pascal how made the first adding machine to help his father with his job as a clerck. The machine was a wooden box with sixteen dials on it, and witrh it you could do simple adding and subtracting in the blink of an eye.
  • Anton van Leeuwenhoek

    Anton van Leeuwenhoek
    Anton established microbiology in 1648, witch is the study of micrscopic organisms.
  • Newton's Telescope

    Newton's Telescope
    Isaac Newton invented a refletive telescope in 1668. The disign was a flat mirror with several diaginal mirrors. This basic disign was highly bowerful and easy to use witch made it a popular disign with amateur telescope makers.
  • Christian Huygens

    Christian Huygens
    Christian Huygens Makes the first pocket watch. It was the first with a balace wheel and spring assembly.
  • Philidelphia, Pennsylvania

    Philidelphia, Pennsylvania
    Settled by William Penn, who planned a city along the Delaware River to serve as a port. This port would give england more supplies from "The New World" faster and the settle
  • Isaac Newton

    Isaac Newton
    Isaac Newton, as a professer wrote the three laws of motion witch included gravity. Law 1: an object that is not being pushed or pulled by some force will stay still, or will keep moving in a straight line at a steady speed. Law 2: An object accelerates in the direction the force that is pushing/pulling it is moving. Law 3: if an object is pushed or pulled, it will push or pull equally in the opposite direction.