• rod

    1752 Lightning Rod
    Benjamin Franklin's electricity experiments lead him to a valuable application -- the lightning rod, which when placed at the apex of a barn, church steeple, or other structure, conducts lightning bolts harmlessly into the ground.
  • 1794 Cotton Gin

    the cotton gin help the enconmy but making so that they will not have to have as many workers an that then creates more oppertunitys for more jobs an making more money because there are more people open
  • Steam-Powered Pumping Station

    The Fairmount Water Works harnesses steam power to provide water for the city of Philadelphia an it help people make money by having water parks an people will have to pay to get in so they then have more money coming in so they then boost there econmy an the local pools they had
  • Steamboat

    the steamboat the "Clermont" travels 150 miles upstream between New York and Albany at an average speed of 5 mph an they way this help bring in money is that it made so they can carry more thing from one place to another then was able to sell more good which made them more money to make the econmy up .
  • Zipper

    Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Whitcomb L. Judson introduces his clasp locker, a hook-and-eye device opened and closed by a sliding clasp. Improvements in the device by other inventors will continue; workers at B.F. Goodrich will coin the name "zipper" in 1923. The way the zipper had help bring money is that it allowed a way to zipp thing up an protect thing and a lot of people want there vauable items protected so that just means that more people are going to buy the zipper so more moeny
  • Airplane

    the way the airpane was able to bring in more money was that it was able gett places faster an go farther also it brought in more people who wanted to see it
  • i phone

    the i phone brought in money because it is faster an your able to share messages faster an also send mail an get information from over 100 miles away
  • Air Conditioning

    Working as an engineer at the Buffalo Forge Company, Willis H. Carrier designs the first system to control temperature and humidity. He will go on to found his own company, the Carrier Corporation, to produce air-conditioning equipment.