By mwark12
  • Zaccharais and Hans Janssen

    Zaccharais and Hans Janssen
    These two scientists are the ones who founded the microscope.
  • The first Microscope

    The first microscope was created.
  • Robert Hooke

    Robert Hooke
    He used a model of the microscope to look at a slice of a cork. Hooke saw small box like shapes which he later named "cells".
  • cell theory

    cell theory
    the cell theory refers to everything as a unit of structure containing all kinds of organeles.
  • Thedor Schwan

    Thedor Schwan
    recognized the cell as the basic unit of animal structure.
  • Rudolf Verchow

    Rudolf Verchow
    Rudolf recgonized whole organisms do not get sick.
  • Schleiden

    Schleiden was the man who discovered all plants are made of cells.
  • Electron microscope

    Electron microscope
    Max Knoll created the electron microscope in 1931. The electron micoroscope is capable of 400x magnifacation.
  • Advanced Binocular Polarising Microscope

    Advanced Binocular Polarising Microscope
    The polarising microscope was originally developed
    for investigating crystalline structures within rocks and
  • Metallurgical microscopes

    Metallurgical microscopes
    Metallographic microscopes are used for a variety of things like semiconductor silicon wafer manufacturing, inspection and quality control