History of Microscopes

  • Telescope is Invented

    In 1608 the telescope is said to be invented by Jacob Adriaanzoon (James Metius). His original telescope made distant objects appear much larger and closer.
  • Galileo Create His Own Telescope

    In 1609 after hearing of the telescope he decidese to make one of his own, in order to view distant stars and planets.
  • Robert Hooke publishes his pamphlet "Microgphia"

    In this pamplet was the first time someone used the word cell when referring to the cell in living creatures, while he was using a microscope at 30X to look at a piece of cork.
  • Anthony van Leeuwenhoek

    Anthony van Leeuwenhoek
    Leeuwenhoek discoevers many organisms using a microscope with 300x magnification created by him curving the lenses a new way. Also, Leeuwnehoek was only a tradesman at the time and discovered many cells, including bacteria, sperm cells, blood cells, and many others.
  • New Microscope lenses created

    Newest lenses go up to 1 microton of vision.
  • Cell theory propsed

    In 1839 the cell theory is formaly proposed by Theodor Schwann and Matthias Schleiden. Also in this year, cells are recognized as basic units of life!!!
  • Ernst Abbe

    Abbe creates a calculations for the magnification of the lenses for each microscope to get away from the trial and error from before him.
  • Ernst Leitz creates a five mount revolving microscope

    This microscope was used to see five different materials quicker without needing five different microscopes.
  • Oil Immersion lenses

    In this year the oil immersion lenses were created, using cedar oil. Using these lenses resulted in homogenuos optical path.
  • Mitosis Discovered

    Scientist Walther Fleming discovers cell mitosis, which is a major part in cell division.
  • Microtomes

    MIcrotomes begin to appear for preperation, rather than using a knife.
  • Period: to

    Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch

    Both of these men, both start to take an interest in the microscope and biology in general.
  • First UV (ultraviolet) microscope

    First UV (ultraviolet) microscope is invented by Zeiss using Abbes studies on the microscope.
  • Fritz Zernike discovers stained cells not necesarry

    In 1930 Zemike discovers stained cells are not needed for viewing a cell by using the angle phase rays.
  • Max Knoll and Ernst Ruska create the first electron microscope.

  • Ruska creates another

    Ruska creates the first electron microscope to surpass the resolution of the original light microscope.
  • First scanning electron microscope is bult

  • First commercially available electron microscope.

  • First commercial microscope

    The first commercial microscope, is brought to the market ready to be bought.
  • Porter and Blume

    Porter and Blume create the first ultra-microtome.
  • First diamond knife is created.

    This is used to cut the material being observed super thin.
  • Scanning probe microscope

    This microscope is invented and is used by measuring current.
  • Scanning laser confocal is commercialy availible

  • Atomic force microscope

    This microscope uses force rather than current to get its information.
  • Period: to

    Still improving

    The microscope is still imoroving, and will never stop improving. As long as the world continues the microscope will still improve to gather even more information on life.