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History of the Microscope

  • Period: Jan 1, 1200 to

    The Creation of theTelescope

    There is a lot of contriversy over when the telescope was first available. A famouse quote by Roger Bacon, leads any to believe that the technology was available as early as the 1200's. That said, many experts accept 1608 as the official date of the inention of the modern telescope.
  • Jan 1, 1285

    Sugested Creation Date of Specticles

    Sugested Creation Date of Specticles
    Many experts believe that Specticles were first created around the year 1285.
  • The Creation of the Microscope

    The Creation of the Microscope
    Based on the letters of William Boreel, he father son Hans team created the first microscope in the 1600's.
  • Discovery of "little Animals"

    Discovery of "little Animals"
    Antoni van leeuwenhook first reported seeing "little Animals" under his microscope.
  • Achrmatic Lenses

    Achromatic lenses provided a resolution of 1 micron.
  • Cell Theroy

    Theodor Schwann and Mattias Schleiden formally proposed th eCell Therory.
  • Th First Micrograph

    Donne' publishes the first micrograph in France.
  • First Microscope With Rotating Turets

    Ernst Leitz introduced the first microscope with 5 rotating turets.
  • Introduction of the Oil Immersion Lense

  • The Discovery of Mitosis

    Walther Flemming discovered Mitosis.
  • Microscope lamp with Filters

    Microscope lamp with Filters
    August Kohler worked out how to use light sources to get the best image prodjection.
  • Microtomes

    Microtomes began to be used for sample preparations.
  • Period: to

    Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch became engaged in microscopy.

  • New Apochromatic Objective is designed

    Ernst Abbe designeed an apochromatic objective that made colors clrearer.
  • First Comercial UV Microscope

    First Comercial UV Microscope
  • Unstained Cell Discovered

    Fritze Zernike discovered unstained cells useing the phase angle of rays.
  • The First Electron Microscope

    The First Electron Microscope
    Max Knoll and Ernst Ruska built the first electron microscope.
  • Ruska Built the First Electron Microscope with a Voltage of 75 KV

  • First Electron Micrograph of a biological Sample

  • First First Electron Scaninng Microscope

  • Siemens Provides the First Comercial Electron Microscope

  • First Ultra-Microtome

    First Ultra-Microtome
  • The First Diamond Knife

    The First Diamond Knife
  • The Firat Silcon Based Prossesing Chip was Made for Computers

    The Firat Silcon Based Prossesing Chip was Made for Computers
  • Lasers are Made Comercialy Available

    Lasers are Made Comercialy Available
  • The Scanning Probe Microscope is Created

  • The Scanning laser confocal Microscope Became Commercialy Available

  • The Atomic Force Microscope was Invented