Timeline: Cell Theory & Microscopes

  • Period: Jan 1, 1000 to

    microscopes and cells

    By Keeshan Jain
  • First microscope model made

    First microscope model made
    (I could not find a specific date just the year)
    This is the picture of Zaccharias Janssen the inventor of the microscope.
  • compound microscope

    compound microscope
    he made the first compund microscope
  • The first microscope

    The first microscope
    The first microscope was made with only a single lens to magnify.
  • The camera

    The camera
    There had been many diffrent types of cameras in history but i will be focusing on the one that Robert Boyle had made. Robert Boyle had made the first portable camera anybody had ever seen and what the interesting part was about the first compact camera was that the man named Robert Hooke had been the assistant to his work
  • The cell theory

    The cell theory
    The cell theory was first found in the year 1665 by the man named Robert Hook.
  • slice of cork

    slice of cork
    Robert Hook looked at a very thin slice of cork under a microscope and saw what loked like small little boxes that he called cells.
  • The living thing

    The living thing
    In the next ten years a man named Antony Van Leeuwenhoek was the first man to see a living thing under the microscope
  • Matthias Schhleiden

    Matthias Schhleiden
    He had been studing plants and had found out that plants are made up of cells.
  • Theodor Schwan

    Theodor Schwan
    After many investagations he had found that animals were made up of cells as well.
  • Rudolf Virchow

    Rudolf Virchow
    He was the man that had stated the fact that all cells come from pre excisting cells.
  • The electron microscope

    The electron microscope
    The electron microscope was made by a German physicist Ernst Ruska and electrical engineer Max Knoll constructed the prototype electron microscope in 1931.
  • Chemotherapy

    In this time in WW1 the Germans had used mustard gas as chemical warfare but then at the University of Yale had found that if you inject it into the blood stream that the substance rapidly made white blood cells, so in doing so they had came up with a idea that if they injected this into people with cancer the white blood cells whould kill off the cancer cells. And that is when chemotherapy was born.