Compound Microscopes and Beyond

  • Compounds Have Begun

    The first compound microscope was made by Hans Lippershey and his son, Zacharias Janssen, who were two Dutch lens makers. NOTE: None of these are the exact days and months of these events. Also, the link attached is were I obtained my information.
  • Let's Talk About Micrographia

    This is a book published by Robert Hooke. It is about his studies with a microscope.
  • Achromatic Lens iHelp the World

    This was made by Charles Hall. It was said that by using two lenses of different shape and deflecting properties, he could see colors clearer without worrying about the overall magnification
  • The Problem of Light Bending at Weird Angles was Solved!

    This was solved by Joseph Lister when he placed the lenses at a precise distance apart.
  • The More the Objectives the Better!

    The Ernst Leitz company made it so its microscopes had at least 5 objectives on a rotating turret.
  • Illumintaion Devices Always Help....

    Ernst Abbe created the Abbe Condenser which is placed under the stage and projects a beam of light which is controlled by the diaphragm.

    The Kohler Illumination system makes the picture almost three times as clear with a minimal glare.
  • The Limit for the Light has Been Found!

    The limit that the light microscopes can be used well was found... then overcame by Zeiss when he used the first UV microscope. This microscope had twice the resolution of the light microscope
  • Look Mom No Stains!

    Fritz Zernike discovered you could look at unstained cells with certain angles of rays. Sadly, this wasn't excepted until 1941 because Zeiss didn't like him.
  • Electrons Are Born!

    Max Knoll and Ernst Ruska make the first transmission electron microscope.
  • But It Can Only Get Better

    Ruska improves the electron microscope by making a scanning electron microscope.
  • Everything Has Gone Digital

    The first digital microscope was made in Japan by a lens company called Hirox Co. Ltd. http://www.frankshospitalworkshop.com/equipment/documents/microscopes/wikipedia/Digital%20microscope.pdf