History of the Microscope and Cell Theroy

By rmorton
  • Period: to

    the refracting telescope/compound microscope

    Hans and Zacharias Janssen invented both the compound microscope and the refracting telescope
  • Microscope

    The first microscope could only be use for opaque objects and had a magnification of about 20x.
  • magnification increases

    Robert Hooke uses a microscope with a 30X magnification to see and draw the first cell.
  • Antoni van Leeuwenhook

    Antoni van Leeuwenhook
    observed he said "little animals" or protozoa through a microscope
  • wolff comes up with cell theory

    wolff comes up with cell theory
    C. F. Wolff of Germany comes up with a generalized cell theory.
  • Achromatic lenses

    Achromatic lenses
    Achromatic lenses now provide 1/1000mm resolution.
  • Dicover of nucleus

    Dicover of nucleus
    Robert Brown discovers the nucleus of the cell
  • Matthias Jakob Schleiden

    Matthias Jakob Schleiden
    was the first to recognize that all plants, and all the different parts of plants, are composed of cells
  • proof mebrane divides cell

    proof mebrane divides cell
    Robert Remak discovers a method to isolate the membrane of the cell and proves that it divides a cell.
  • Revolving Microscope

    Revolving Microscope
    Ernst Leitz introduces is revoling mount for a microscope for 5 objects.
  • Oil immersion lenses

    Lenses dipped in oil lead to homogeneeous optical path.
  • Mitios

    Walther Flemming discovers mitiosis.
  • Microscope lamp with filter

    Microscope lamp with filter
    August kohler had worked out a light source and condenser postion to obtain the best the best image.
  • Finding of chromosomes

    Finding of chromosomes
    Walther Fleming uses dyes to stain cells. Upon examination of these cells, he finds rods that he calls chromosomes.
  • Having color being focused

    Ernst Abbe brings red, yellow and blue into focus using 10 lenses.
  • Walter Sutton

    Walter Sutton
    Walter Sutton proves that egg and sperm cells only have one out of each set of chromosomes.
  • The first commercial UV microscope.

    The resolution based on Abbe's the microscope has twice the visible light.
  • View of unstained cells

    Fritz Zernike saw he could view unstained cells using the phase angle of rays.
  • First Electron Microscope

    First Electron Microscope
    Max Knoll and Ernst Ruska make the first electron microscope.
  • Elctron Microscope exceeds resolution of light Microscope

    Elctron Microscope exceeds resolution of light Microscope
    Ernst Ruska builds electron microscope that exceed the resolution of the light micoscope.
  • phase contrast

    phase contrast
    Zernike invented the phase contrast microscope
  • first biological sample

    First electron micrograph of a biological sample.