• korean

    •Korean War Begins
  • Period: to

    timeline about stuff

  • color tv

    color tv was inveted
  • polio treatment

    cure for polio was found
  • first playboy magazine

    first playboy magazine
  • atomic submarine

    first atomic sub lauched
  • disneyland open

    disneyland open
  • tv remote

    tv remote relased
  • sputnik

    sputnik lauched
  • nasa

    nasa founded
  • castro

    castro becomes dictior
  • lazer

    lazers invnted
  • berlin wall

    berlin wall bulit
  • missle

    cuban missle crisses
  • jfk

    jfk assassaiton
  • mommahed ali

    mommhamaied ali heaveyweight campion of world
  • blackout

    the great new york blackout
  • star trek

    first star trek show
  • I nfl

    I super bowl the first super bowl
  • mlkj killed

    martin luther king jr. killed
  • moon

    first man on the moon neil armstrong
  • kent state

    kent state massacre
  • london bridge

    london bridge brought to us
  • watergate

    watergate scandel
  • sears tower

    sears tower bulit
  • prez nixon

    nixon residns
  • microsoft

    microsoft founed
  • veitnams

    veitnams join together
  • elvis

    elvis found dead
  • new pope

    john paul II new pope
  • three mile island

    nucluaer accendent
  • mount. st. helens

    mount. st. helens eraups
  • new plauge

    new plauge called AIDS
  • ET

    ET released
  • us embassy

    us embassy bombed
  • movie rating

  • Ozone

    Ozone layer hole
  • shuttle

    Challenger Space Shuttle Explodes
  • black monday

    •New York Stock Exchange Suffers Huge Drop on "Black Monday"
  • pan am

    Pan Am Flight 103 Is Bombed Over Lockerbie
  • berlin

    berlin wall falls
  • telescope

    •Hubble Telescope Launched Into Space
  • soviet union

    soviet union falls
  • cold war

    •Official End of the Cold War
  • world trade

    world trade buliding bombed
  • oj

    oj simpson arrested
  • bombing

    •Oklahoma City Bombing
  • bomber

    •Unabomber Arrested
  • clone

    Scientists Clone Sheep
  • impeachment

    clinton impeached
  • nato

    NATO Attacks Serbia
  • kursk accident

    kursk had a explosion caused it to sink