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  • Invention of The Steam Engine

    James Watt designs a more effcient steam engine.
  • American Declaration of Independence

    American Declaration of Independence announces the American colonies' independence form Great Britain.
  • The First Fleet

    In Botay bay, beginning British stettlement in Australia
  • French Revolution

    Outbreak of the French Revolution as a consequence of high bread prices and dissatisfaction with the ruling aristocrats who level high taxes.
  • Invention of The Battery

    Alessandro Volta inserts a battery to store electrical current; the unit of elecric potential, volt, is named after him.
  • First Ford Model

    Henry Ford produces hes first Ford Model T automobile.
  • TextileWorker Smash Machinery

    In factories and mills in the midlands and North of England.
  • Spain Revalution

    Spainish King Fredinand the 7th returned to spain after Nepolein was exiled and killed the Liberals.
  • Nepolin Died

    Nepolin was one of the greatest militaly comanders in history.
  • First Passennger Railway

    George Stephenson builds the first passeger railway between Liverpool and Manchester.
  • Britain Demanding Political Reform

    Publication of the people's charter in Britain Demanding Political Reform, including the right to vote for every man form the age of 21.
  • Opium War

    It was between Great Britain and China. China was not allouwed to trade drugs.
  • Discovers Gold

    Edward Hargraves discovers gold near bathurst, New South Wales, triggering several gold rushes around Australia.
  • US Civil War

    Happened because of economic and political rivalry between the North and South
  • Convicts Tranportation to Australia

    Convicts tranportation to Australia ceases with the last shipment of convicts disembarking in Western Australia.
  • Spainish War, American War

    Spain declares war on the US over Cuba.
  • Federation of Australia

    Federation of Australia - the six colonies of the South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australiaform one nation.
  • WW1

    Austria declares war on Sebia, Germany declares
    war on France, Britain declares war on Germany.
  • The Great Depression

    Australia suffered badly as the American wall street chrashed. Unemployment reached a record high of 30%.
  • WW2

    Britain and France declare war on Germany, Russia and germany sign a packed to invade Poland, Italy and Germany attack Yugoslvia, the Japanese and Pearl Harber is bombed, D day all allies attack Germany's forces in normandy France.