• I was born

    I was born
    I was born in pitt memorial hospital.
  • First christmas

    First  christmas
    My first christmas i was given clothes and stuffed animals.
  • First pet

    First pet
    My first pet was a dog.
  • i was in a car accident

    i was in a car accident
    I was in the car and my mom was driving home. Well a car hit us head on they were in the wrong lane and didnt have on any headlights. My mom almost died she had several different injuries and i broke my leg.
  • First day of school

    First day of school
    My first day of school at Grifton elementary school.
  • Started playing guitar

    Started playing guitar
    Actually my dad found a guitar in a junk car and he gave it to me and i have played guitar since then.
  • I started playing violin

    I started playing violin
    I started playing violin for Grifton school.
  • I started playing Bass

    I started playing Bass
    i started playing bass because the orchestra teacher at the time (Mrs.Ours) needed a bass player ao i switched from violin to bass. This is a big event in my life because now im playing for a few different symphony orchestras and i want to play bass professionally.
  • First orchestra joined

    First orchestra joined
    my first outside of school orchestra i joined was called Arco Angels they are a orchesra group out of Kinston, NC. i am still playing with that orchestra.
  • First symphony orchestra concert

    First symphony orchestra concert
    my first symphony orchestra concert was with PCC. i was playing with four other bass players that were way better than me at the time so i was a little nervous but i got through it and im still playing with PCC.