Time Traveler Project

  • Jan 15, 1559

    Elizabeth I takes thrown

    Taking the spot as the queen of England, 25 year old Elizabeth took over because of her sister's death. Elizabeth had several pagents before she officially took it. I'm going back in time to enjoy the food, dancing, the coronation, and listening to the gossip about what was going on in the time period. When I go, it wouldn't effect the history of it, becuase I'm going to be in the crowd.
  • The harvest celebration with the Indians and Pilgrims

    When the Mayflower boat arrived in Plymouth,1620, it was full with Pilgrims. It wasn't until fall of 1621 that the Pilgrims met the Indians. They had a celebration sharing food, and being thankful for what they got.The Indian's introduced corn, and brought animal venison for the pilgrims.I would like to have eaten with the Pilgrims and Indians in the first Thanksgiving, and enjoy the harvest. Nothing about this event would have changed if I was there.
  • Nathaniel Briggs made the first United States washinng machine.

    Nathaniel Briggs from New Hampshire made the first United States washing machine in 1797. Not much is known about this washing machine because it was destroyed in a fire. I want to make sure the fire never happened, and would like to try out his original design. If the design was kept, then people would start use washing machines instead of washing their clothes with their hands.
  • Andre-Jacques Garnerin made the first parachute jump from a balloon

    Andre- Jacues Garnerin from Paris, France, was known for jumping tremendous parachuting heights. He could parachute from high altitudes. He was the first person to ever go parachuting for a living, and have great success doing it. While using a parachute that looked like a big umbrella, he made his first parachute jump in Paris,1797. Andre jumped 3,200 feet and didn't get hurt when landing. I would have went parachuting right before him, and the first one to parachute would be me!
  • Visiting Victoria (Later queen)

    Queen Victoria got what most wealthy kids got at their time. She got well fed, had a great education, and had many pets of her choice. When Queen Victoria was looking back to her childhood years, she described it, "particularly dreary". I'm going to change that description, and help her to enjoy her childhood more.I will go back in time to visit Queen Victoria, when she was 4. I will be a full time baby sitter, and babysit her for several days.
  • When Siamese twins, Eng and Chang, got to Boston.

    Chang and Eng Bunker, were the first conjoined twins, born in what is now Thailand in 1811. When Eng and Chang went on a world tour, they were 17 years old. In 1829, the twins began touring America, Europe, Canada, and the Carribean. They would give lectures and demonstrations. Boston is one of the closest location they ever toured from my house, so I would like to see the tour.
  • Nat Turner was killed

    Nat Turner was known for making slave rebellions. Being the most wanted slave, Nat Turner decided to hide. In 1831 he was caught and killed. I would dress up pretending to be Nat Turner. The overseers would go after me, while Nat Turner would have survived. After a little while, they would find out that I wasn't Nat Turner, and they would keep looking for him. This would change history because Nat Turner would live a longer life. He would continue slave rebelions, and do this until he dies of...
  • Charles Blondin walked walked across Niagara Falls on a tightrope.

    Charles Blondin was the first person to walk acrossa Niagara Falls on a tightrope. In winter of 1858, he drove to the Falls, hoping to be the first tightrope walker to walk across Niagara Falls. Since there was horrible weather conditions, he delayed the event for a later time. Then on June, 30, he walked across Niagara Falls. Having no net to rescue him if he fell, he believed he had a less of a chance of falling if he wasn't prepared. He crossed the water with a rope that was
  • The Statue of Liberty was given to the US in Paris

    The Statue of Liberty was given to the US from France, celebrating the friendship they made during the American Revolution. This would be a good event to see because I would be able to see what Paris was like in the 1800's, and be able to see the statue before it turned all green.
  • Earthquake in Kangra, India

    On April 4, 1905, a very serious earthquake hit Kangra, India. This earthquake had a 7.8 Magnitude on the Richter scale, which is very servere. In the morning of the earthquake, the townspeople didn't think anything would go wrong because it looked like a calm, beautiful day. But, unfortunally that didn't last, and the 100,000 bulidings tumbeled down when the earthquake hit at 6:19 am.This killed 19,727 people's lives, and 53,000 of their farm animals...
  • Amelia Earhart flew across the Atlantic

    Amelia Earhart was the first women to have ever flown across the Atlantic on a plane. I would like to have been her passenger in her flight across the Atlantic Ocean. I thought about going on the flight that she disapeared on, but some say that she died.If I died with her, no one would know what happened!
  • The Empire State Building opened

    The Empire State Building was the biggest building ever made, when it was first opened. Being 1,250 feet tall,. it would have been amazing to see and go in, when it first opened. It would be so cool to see what it looked like inside! This event is so important because people used to think it was impossible to make a 102- story building. This showed them that it is possible, and proved them wrong.
  • Gandhi's assassination

    The name, "Gandhi" means great soul. Gandhi made several acheivements in his life including; being South Africa's first lawyer who was Indian, being one of the first in his country to go to England to study law. When Gandhi was 78, he was on his way to a prayer meeting. He was shot three times in New Delhi by Nathuram Godse, who was Hindu. I want to stop his assassination by canceling the meeting so he wouldn't have ever walked his way to it. This would give Gandi more opportunities to help his
  • John Glenn was the first American to orbit Earth

    Being the first American to orbit Earth, and the oldest person to travel in space, John Glenn was very impressive. He orbited 3 times, and had a safe landing. He made this accomplishment by traveling 81,000 miles in 4 hours 56 min. Even though he had a few problems controling the spaceship, he relieved many people when he survived. I would have liked to do it with him, and I too would be the other American to first orbit the Earth.
  • The Peru Earthquake

    It only took 45 seconds for 74,194 people to die, 25,600 people to go missing and 143,331people to get injured. When the 1970 Peru Earthquake took place, it tore down 83,000 sq km of land. This included buldings, roads, crops, etc. I'm going back in time to 1970 when I will warn the people that the earthquake was coming, and tell them to leave. This will give the 3 million people to keep their lives!