• Yalta Conference

    Yalta Conference
    Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin, and Franklin D. Roosevelt had meet in the Crimean Peninsula in the Soviet Union to discuss what they were going to do with Germany after the war and how they were going to help them out. (Yalta)
  • Ho Chi Minh

    Created the National Liberation Committee of Vietnam and tried to form a provisional government. Japan had transfered all of their power to him. (ho)
  • Indochina War begins

    The Democratic Republic of Vietnam launches its first consorted attack against the French. (the first)
  • Truman Doctrine

    Spread the word about the Soviets style of communism and help aid Greece.(Truman)
  • Hydrogen Bomb 1949

    Hydrogen Bomb 1949
    The hydrogen bomb was built by the Soviet Union and was a lot more powerful than an atomic bomb. The Soviets now had a military advantage against the world. (H-bomb)
  • Iranian Coup

    The Iranian Coup was when Shad Pahlavi was the king of Iran and we supported him. We wanted to nationalize the oil industry and the CIA had staged a coup and overthrew Mossodeq, and Pahlavi had came back. (commentary)
  • Brown v. Board

    Brown v. Board
    The Supreme Court had outlawed seperate public schools for African Americans and white school children. The process was to integrate schools in order to make them equal. This was part of the Civil Rights Movement.(Martin)
  • Guatemalan Coup 1954

    Jacobo Guzman had been the leader of Guatemala and had been elected into office. He was a socialist and was compromising buissness, the CIA wanted to get another coup and take down Guzman and nationalize Guatamala(mirra)
  • Warsaw Pact

    To abstain from violence or threat from violence through international alliances. It had concluded world peace, security and global disarmament. (warsaw pact)
  • Emmett Till

    Emmett Till
    Emmett Till, a fourteen year old boy had been visiting family down in Mississippi when he had gone into a story and whistled at a white woman. Down Mississippi these kind of gestures were out of the ordinary and werent excepted by the Southerns. On that night, Emmett Till had been murdered by the ladies husband/white mob, and later this turned out to be a huge case in which everyone was watching. (Emmett)
  • Montgomery Boycott

    Montgomery Boycott
    Roas Parks waws the first woman to start this boycott and what she did was she didnt give her up her seat to a white man. After this the boycott had continued. What started happening is that African Americans would refuse to ride the buses, it was only supposed to last a day but continued for a year. They would walk from place to place instead of taking public transportation which had led to bus companies not making money and for people to realize what was going on. (Montgomery)
  • Civil Rights Act 1957

    This had established a Commission that would look into Civil Rights, created a Civil Rights Division and had been set up in order to look into things that were happening in states and throughout the government in order to see what was going on the Civil Rights this was also called the Second Reconstruction. (Eisenberg)
  • Little Rock 1957

    Little Rock 1957
    In Arkansas "the little Rock nine" was the first school to be desegregated. THe governor of Arkansas, Orville Faubus was against integration and the President, Eisenhower had ordered the NAtional Guard to come in and protect these nine African American students.(little)
  • Fidel Castro takes over Cuba

    Fidel Castro had taken over Cuba, and he was a Communist. The United STates saw him as a threat and was trying to do everything they could to help Cuba out and to stop Communism from spreading.
  • Sit-in Movement

    Sit-in Movement
    The Sit-in-Movement had first begun in Greensboro, North Carolina where a group of African American college students had refused to leave a white-onlys spot at a restaurant and they were denied service. A sit-in-movement was peaceful protests that had brought national attention (the sit-in-movement)
  • U-2 incident

    Francis Gary POwers and american flyer had been shot down and kidnapped by the Soviet Union. (francis)

    John F. Kennedy wins the election against Richard Nixon. This was looking like a new change and that he could help out throughout the war. (JFK)
  • Bay of Pigs

    Bay of Pigs
    President Eusenhower had set up this plan but Kennedy was the one who went through with it. KEnnedy had promised Cuban-Americans they'll get back and it doesnt work out. He sent troops in to get on the beach and they go stuck, additional air support had to help out and they finally get out but Kennedy is embarassed.(gilman)
  • Freedom Rides

    Was a nonviolent movement in which thirteen activists had gone against what was considered right. The African Americans would sit in the front of the buses while the whites would sit in the back. The whites would also used the colored bathrooms. They usually didnt reach a problem until they reached Alabama in which a white mob had bombed the bus and blocked the exits trying to suffact them. (Freedom Rides)
  • Berlin Wall

    A wall was set up between East Berlin and West Berlin and seperated the two. This was put up so that they could stop refugees from going from one side to another. (Berlin wall)
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    Cuban Missile Crisis
    The Cuban missile crisis is when the Soviets and Cuba had made an alliance and thCe Cubans were going to let the Soviets put there missiles in Cuba to set off against the United States. (Coleman)
  • Birmingham Campaign

    President Kennedy had announced that he was going to purpose watershed to the use of dogs and fire hoses against non violent protesters. (Birmingham)
  • AP BAC

    vietcong units had defeated the South Vietnamese Army (ARVN) in Battle of Ap Bac. The guerillas had inflicted heavy casualities on the South Vietamese(AP)
  • Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

    Prohibited the use of nuclear weapons in the atmosphere, in space and underwater the treaty only allowed underground testing. (Levi)
  • JFK Assassination

    The assassination of JFK, murdered by Lee Harvey Oswald had happened at a parade through Dallas, Texas a place where the President was visiting. This was major news and was a little but of a scare for the United States as one of the Presidents was gone.(commentary)
  • Civil Rights Act

    Civil Rights Act
    This Civil Rights Act had prohibited segregation in public accomadations, ordered desegregation of schools, and people couldnt discriminate against minorites in work places. (civil rights)
  • Gulf of Tonkin Incident

    When the U.S. destroyer MADDOX, was destroyed by the North Vietamese, making the U.S. want to go into war.(gulf)
  • Voting Rights Act 1965

    The voting rights act was introduced by PResident Lyndon Johnson and what it did was it outlawed literacy tests as a qualification for voting. It also outlawed the denying right to vote based on the account of race or color and established fffederal oversight of elections(voting)
  • B-52 incident

    Through an effort to disrupt movement along the Mugia Pass -- the main route used by the North Vietamese had sent a personnel and supplies through Laos and into South Vietnam and the Americans B-52s bomb North Vietnam for the first time. (commentary)
  • Tet-Offensive

    The tet-offensive was on the Vietamese New Year celebration and was when the North Vietamese and the Viet Cong had attacked the South Vietnam. The attack was surprising because they didnt think that they would be fighting on a holiday. (tet)
  • Assassination of MLK Jr.

    Assassination of MLK Jr.
    Martin Luther King had done so much during the civil rights movement and his death was a major uproar through this time. He was one of the key leaders and with him gone it could cause a huge upset for the civil rights movement.(carson)
  • Civil Rights Act of 1968

    The Civil Rights Act of 1968 had ended discrimination in public housing. It was important because it was in the right direction to helping out the civil rights movement. (may)