Time Line of Significant Events in Native American History

  • Smallpox Epidemic

    Many Native Americans in New England ravaged by smallpox
  • Period: to

    Significant Native American Events

  • First Indian uprising in an English colony (Virginia).

  • Pequot War. The only Indian naval engagement.

  • The Pueblo Revolt begins at Taos Pueblo

  • Continental Congress made first treaty with Indians (Delawares).

  • United States Constitution ratified by the states; Indian rights reaffirmed

  • First appropriation ($10,000) to civilize Indians.

  • Cherokee Republic, formed in an attempt to avoid forced removal.

  • Indian Removal Act passed by Congress; legalized removal of all Indians east of Mississippi to lands west of the river

  • Administrative structure of Bureau of Indian Affairs amplified; Trade and Intercourse Act, including prohibition of sale of intoxicants to Indians and need for a license to travel in Indian land

  • Minnesota Uprising of Sioux; 38 hanged at Mankato

  • Grant's Peace Policy continued to 1881; First sum earmarked for federal education of Indians. First Ghost Dance Movement, Prayer to prevent immigration

  • Battle of Little Big Horn (Custer). Abbot Martin Marty from Indiana arrived at Standing Rock Reservation; established St. Benedict's Mission

  • Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce War.

  • More laws providing for schools and giving truant officers the right to force Indian children to attend school; federal support of church schools withdrawn

  • All Indians declared citizens of U.S.

  • Wheeler-Howard Act, passed to protect Native Culture.

  • American Indian Religious Freedom Act (P.L. 95-341 ).