• Mar 1, 1502

    Columbus was the first European to travel to Nicaragua.

  • Guerrillas and Augusto César Sandino (the leader) fought the U.S settlers.

    1920 - 1930
  • A enemy general (the U.S. General) Anastasio Somoza García, wanted Sandino to be assassinated.

  • Somoza seized the presidency.

  • The Sandinistas, the group was formed to overthrow the Somozas.

    1962 - 1977
  • Sandinistas carried out various terrorist attacks on General Somoza's National Guard.

  • General Somoza was forced to leave the country, when the Sandinistas took control.

  • Ortega was defeated by Violeta Barrios de Chamorro.

  • Elections made Arnoldo Alemán become the president.

  • Elections made Daniel Ortega president.