Thomas Jefferson

By Gubbe1s
  • Thomas Jefferson's Birth

    Thomas Jefferson's Birth
    Was born April 13th 1743 in Shadwell Virginia.
  • death of his father

    death of his father
    inherited land and slaves and took over responsibilities as head of the family
  • Graduated college

    Graduated college
    He graduated from the College of William and Mary. He started college in 1760 and graduated in 1762. He studied mathematics, natural philosophy and political philosophy.
  • Started building his home

    Started building his home
    His house was called Monticello. He lived there for the most of his life. He also designed it himself. It also served as a plantation house
  • Became a Member of Virginia House of Burgesses

    Became a Member of Virginia House of Burgesses
    He became a member on May 11th 1769. When he gained the Virginia Bar and began to practice he got elected for the Virginia House of Burgesses. Along with Thomas Jefferson there was Peyton Randolph, William Byrd, George Washington, Edmund Pendleton, and Patrick Henry all in the House of Burgesses
  • He got married

    He got married
    He married Martha Wayles Skelton. She later died giving birth to their sixth child. Jefferson fell in love for because of her education and her music talent. They were married in the forest which was covered in snow then went to Jefferson's home after the wedding.
  • Birth of First Child

    Birth of First Child
    Martha Washington Jefferson was born September
    27th 1772 and died October 10th 1826
  • Attended the meeting of Committees of Correspondence

    Attended the meeting of Committees of Correspondence
    The Committees of Correspondence was a meeting with all the leaders of the 13 colonies to figure out what to do about the British before the Revolutionary War. The delegates of the Committees of Correspondence were Patrick Henry, George Washington, John and Samuel Adams, Thomas Jefferson. John Jay, and John Dickinson
  • Birth of second child

    Birth of second child
    Jane Randolph Jefferson was born April 3rd 1774 and died June 14th 1777
  • 2nd Continenetal Congress meeting

    2nd Continenetal Congress meeting
    They officially declare war against Britain. George Washington was chosen as the commander of the Continental Army
  • Death of mother

    Death of mother
    Jane Randolph was born February 9th 1720 and had ten children with her husband Peter Jefferson.
  • Entered the Virginia House of Delegates

    Entered the Virginia House of Delegates
    He helped break the link between religion and government. He authorized the Virginia Bill for Establishing Religious Freedom. He also helped establish education for white males in Virginia
  • Drafted the Declaration of Independence

    Drafted the Declaration of Independence
    Thomas Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence because we was an extremely good writer. He was big nerd for books. The other reason was because he was from Virginia and the Commitees of Correspondence were trying to get the south to except the Declaration.
  • Jane Randolph Jefferson died

    Jane Randolph Jefferson died
    His second oldest daughter died. The cause is unknown she was only 3 years old.
  • Birth of Mary Jefferson

    Birth of Mary Jefferson
    She was born August 1st 1778 and died April 17th 1804. She died of poor health at the age of six. There is not much record of her
  • Became the governor of Virginia

    Became the governor of Virginia
    During when he was governor. the British did a big uprising. The leader of this uprising from the British was the traitor Benedict Arnold. He retired from being governor in 1781
  • Birth of Lucy Elizabeth Jefferson

    Birth of Lucy Elizabeth Jefferson
    Lucy Elizabeth Jefferson was born November 3rd 1780 and died April 15th 1781. She died of severe whooping cough.
  • Lucy Elizabeth death

    Lucy Elizabeth death
    Jefferson's daughter died of whooping cough a couple months after birth
  • Birth of Lucy Elizabeth Jefferson

    Birth of Lucy Elizabeth Jefferson
    She was born May 8th 1782 and died November 17th 1785. She was named after her older sister that died not even a year after birth. It was very common back then to name your child after the loss of another child.
  • Death of wife

    Death of wife
    She died of the whooping cough. Thomas Jefferson buried her in his backyard of his house, Monticello. She was the first lady of Virginia but died 19 years before Thomas Jefferson became president.
  • Goes to Paris

    Goes to Paris
    After the Revolutionary War, Thomas Jefferson, John Jay, and Benjamin Franklin went to Paris to negotiate a peace treaty with the British.
  • Lucy Elizabeth death

    Lucy Elizabeth death
    She was named after her baby sister who died from whooping cough. She died when she was three of whooping cough too.
  • Elected vice president

    Elected vice president
    He lost he 2nd presidential race to John Adams. Back then the vice president was the person who got second most votes. While he was vice president he became the leader of democratic-republicans.
  • Elected president of the United states

    Elected president of the United states
    He won the election in 1801. Thomas Jefferson had 73 electoral votes and John Adams had 65 electoral votes. He was president from March 4th 1801- March 4th 1809
  • Louisiana Purchase

    Louisiana Purchase
    Thomas Jefferson bought the land from Napoleon for 15 million dollars. It stretched from the Mississippi River to Rocky Mountains and from the Golf of Mexico to the Canadian border. 13 states were found from the Golf of Mexico. It doubled the size of America.
  • Third oldest daughter died

    Third oldest daughter died
    Mary Jefferson died when she was 26, during her father's presidency. Died of poor health
  • Lewis and Clark Expedition

    Lewis and Clark Expedition
    Thomas Jefferson assigned Lewis and Clark to explore the Louisiana Purchase. Lewis and Clark made lots of maps and found 122 different animal species.
  • The Embargo Act was passed

    The Embargo Act was passed
    The Embargo act was a ban of trade with foreign countries, because America found themselves in a war with France and England. Many opposed the Act. Jefferson still passed the act and as an result agriculture prices and earnings fell. It was a horrible failure and smuggling was way more of an issue
  • Presidency ended

    Presidency ended
    Many people wanted to keep Thomas Jefferson but like George Washington, he decided that no president should serve for then eight years. Wahington and Jefferson believed that anyone that served more than eight years would lead to a dictatorship
  • Death of Thomas Jefferson

    Death of Thomas Jefferson
    He died on the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. John Adams also died a few hours later after Jefferson's death. He was 83 when he died. The cause of his death is natural causes