Thomas Jefferson

  • Thomas Jefferson is born

  • Thonas's father dies

  • Enters college of William and Mary

  • pratices law

  • Thomas marries Martha Skelton

  • Period: to

    Thomas serves as member of the contineltal conggress.

  • Period: to

    Jefferson writes the decleration of independence

  • Period: to

    Serves as governor of Virgina

  • Thomas wife Martha dies

  • Period: to

    Becoms ambassador to France

  • Period: to

    Jefferson serves as U.S Secratary of state

  • Period: to

    Jefferson is vice president of the United States

  • Jefferson is elected to is first term as president

  • the United States purchases the Lousiana territory from France

  • Jefferson is reelected president

  • Completes second term and retires

  • the University of Virgina opeans

  • Thomas Jefferson dies at Monticello