Thomas Jefferson

  • Birth of Thomas Jefferson

    Thomas Jefferson is born in Shadwell, Virginia the toPeter Jefferson, a farmer/surveyor, and Jane Randolph.
  • Death of Peter Jefferson

    Peter Jefferson dies, leaving fourteen-year-old Thomas his posestions. Thomas is responsible for the Jefferson household and continues his studies thanks to family's friends.
  • Period: to

    The Collage of William & Mary

    Thomas Jefferson begins studying at the College of William & Mary. Professor of Moral Philosophy William Small inspires Jefferson to think how private morals underlies public life. He also be-friends the Lieutenant Governor, Francis Fauquier, and George Wythe, a famous and educated lawyer.
  • Graduation

    Jefferson graduates William & Mary and begins studying law with George Wythe.
  • Stamp Act

    The British Parliament passes the Stamp Act, enraging colonists along the Eastern Seaboard. A Virginia representative, Patrick Henry, leads the colonial resistance.
  • Just Hitched!

    Thomas Jefferson marries Martha Wayles Skelton.
  • Martha Jefferson Born

    The first child of Thomas Jefferson and Martha Skelton, a daughter named Martha Jefferson, is born at Monticello.
  • Boston Tea Party

  • Period: to

    Revolutionary War

  • Declaration of Independance

    Following substantial edits, Jefferson's Declaration of Independence is approved by Congress. It is immediately published and circulated throughout the colonies and in Europe.
  • Governor of Virginia

    Jefferson is elected the second governor of Virginia, the previous governor, Patrick Henry, having already served three one-year terms.
  • Period: to

    President of United States

    March 4, 1801 – March 4, 1809
  • R.I.P Thomas Jefferson

    Thomas Jefferson dies in his bed in Monticello, on the same day as John Adams, fifty years to the day after the publication of the Declaration of Independence. On his deathbed, John Adams famously declares, "Thomas Jefferson survives." Adams is, alas, wrong: Jefferson passes away five hours or so before Adams, at roughly 12:50 in the afternoon.