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  • gorge become president

    he. was the. president.
  • French Revolution

    its. a thing.
  • Napoleon forces Spain to sign the secret treaty

  • Thomas Jefferson becomes the third U. S President

    ok. this. is a thing
  • Thomas Jefferson purchases the Louisiana territory form France

  • Lewis and Clark explore the northern Louisiana Purchase

  • `Freeman and Custis explore the Red River

  • Dunbar and Hunter Explore the Quachiata River and Hot Springs

  • New Madrid earthquake

    yep. ok. this.
  • War of 1812

    war of 1812
  • Fort Smith is Established

    for.t smith. things.
  • Congress approves the Missouri Compromise

    Congress. approves.Missouri.
  • The territory of Arkansas is established.

  • Period: to

    Thomas Nut-tall Explorers Arkansas

    tomas. nut. tal.