2014 10 06 the benefits of globalization to your business

Globalization is a phenomenon that occurs worldwide through domestic and international interactions among humanity, influencing the future of the world and all of its inhabitants in various forms; similar to how shifts in climate are impacting the planet

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  • Thesis Continued

    Thesis Continued
    ...and the way all organisms live.
  • Domestic Globalization

    Domestic Globalization
    “...but you’ll also remember that domestic consumption was extremely important. I mean, almost all early Model T’s were built by Americans, and bought by Americans” (Green). During the 1960s, a prime example of domestic globalization was the manufacturing of Model T’s. This type of vehicle and form of transportation was being built by the Ford Motor Company in the United States. Not only was it built in America, but it was also being purchased by the inhabitants of the country. The process...
  • Domestic Globalization 2

    Domestic Globalization 2
    of the production and consumption of this product was all mainly occurring in one nation, for the domestic market. Globalization today however, has taken a drastic shift in a new direction, for numerous countries. In the United States, these modifications can be seen through the intake of countless products. The country is now focused on the international affairs that take place within the trading system,instead of domestic. Many of the products in America today, originated in a different...
  • Domestic Globalization 3

    Domestic Globalization 3
    area and were then brought in, or the materials to make said products were obtained and then constructed as a whole here.
  • History

    "With the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989 and the end of the Cold War in 1991, the world became more interconnected" (khanacademy.org) Although globalization has been occurring all throughout history, one of its main elevations took place after the fall of communism in certain regions. Once barriers had been taken down, communist bloc nations were able to interact with the global economy and have their own influence on its overall development. With the ability to integrate...
  • History 2

    History 2
    themselves, the countries’ alterations were also becoming present in cultural ways. The interconnections that took place between the distinct establishments and institutions, introduced bettered trade and increased diversity within people. With access granted to the former communist nation, globalization changed drastically and in turn, the world continues to adjust.
  • International Globalization

    International Globalization
    “...especially today, former non-industrialized parts of the world had been manufacturing consumer goods--for domestic markets, yes, but primarily for foreign ones...Your computer was probably manufactured in China, but with parts from all over the world,especially Taiwan, Japan and South Korea” (Green). Today, in modern times, globalization has had a substantial amount of influence on the world as whole and all the countries it holds. The changes and adaptations it goes through, all...
  • International Globalization 4

    International Globalization 4
    The United States would not be able to possess specific goods for a cheaper price. Without the involvement of a main consumer, other countries would not hold the same ability to sustain their nation.
  • International Globalization 3

    International Globalization 3
    of trade. America is continuously importing products, instead of manufacturing them within the country. By doing so, it creates a relationship between countries based off the reliance they have of one another. This is similar to relationships individuals have with one another. Establishing a secure bond allows the relationship to thrive and become beneficial for both parties. Each person has the other to depend on. The United States would not be able to possess specific goods for a cheaper...
  • International Globalization 2

    International Globalization 2
    impact the tactics each country takes when it comes to the economy, and sustainability of the nation. Currently, it can be seen how the concentration of globalization, and the trading aspect of it has transferred onto universal markets. Numerous nations, trying to obtain a state of complete prosperity utilize the foreign markets to support their country and pursuit for solidity. Exporting materials is a form in which many nation functions, however the United States follows a distinct manner...
  • Definition 2

    Definition 2
    the people who inhabit the planet. These connections can be seen in several institutions, in all areas and the forms in which they are impacted transform humankind.
  • Definition

    “Globalization refers to the technological, political, economic, financial, and cultural exchanges between peoples and nations that have made and continue to make the world a more interconnected and interdependent place” (khanacademy.org). Globalization has impacted humanity in various forms, all with their own consequences. It has left the world in a new state of being, influencing the lives of all, and continuing to do so as it evolves over time. Many connections have been created amongst...
  • Conclusion

    The establishment of globalization throughout the globe can be seen through foreign and local associations taking place, impacting the future of everything within its path of change, and connections. Forms of interaction can occur in domestic situations, that primarily affect that specific location. International globalization and its interactivity are directed towards the trading relationships between individual nations. In conclusion, globalization progressively modifies the state and...
  • Conclusion 2

    Conclusion 2
    quality the world is in.This leaves humanity with the obligation to adapt with it, influencing everything, whether it be in a positive or negative way. Comparable to the education system, that is frequently altering the methods in which it functions. The modifications it makes impact the people taking part in it and their futures'.