Theresa & Chris civil rights movement timeline

  • Period: to

    The Fight for Civil Rights

  • 13th Amendment Ratified

    13th Amendment Ratified
    Declared Slavery illegal in the United States
  • 14th Amendment Ratified

    Granted civil rights to African Americans, granted citizenship to people enslaved and protected civil liberties.
  • Plessy V Ferguson

    Plessy V Ferguson
    Significant supreme court decision whether white people should be separated from black people in public facilities. Court struck down racial segregation.
  • Mendez v Westminster 1947

    Mendez v Westminster 1947
    Civil Rghts Case to outlaw racial segregation in California, federal case. Dealt with separation of mexican american and mexican students. Ruled unconstitutional.
  • Delgado v. Bastrop ISD

    Delgado v. Bastrop ISD
    Charged the school district with segregation and racial discrimination against mexican students. Separation cessated by Sept. 1949
  • Sweatt V. Painter

    Sweatt V. Painter
    Supreme court case sucessfully challlenged the 'Separate but Equal' doctrine.
    Heman Marion Sweatt was refused admission to the school of law by UT because he was black.
    Federal Supreme Court decreed that the separate school was not equal.
  • Hernandez v. Texas

    Hernandez v. Texas
    Pedro Hernandez was accused of murdering Joe Espinoza, Hernandez's lawyers demonstrated the jury could not be impartial unless it was mixed-race. Thus, they added mexican-american jurors, affecting social stigmas greatly.
  • Brown V Board of Educaton 1954

    Brown V Board of Educaton 1954
    Supreme Court case, declared separate schools for white and black students unconstitutional.
  • Civil Rights Act 1957

    Civil Rights Act 1957
    Ensured all Americans had the civil right to vote, including African Americans. Was severely neutered and inadequate.
  • Civil Rights Act 1964

    Civil Rights Act 1964
    Outlawed discrimination based on race, sex, color, religion, or national origin.
  • Voting Rights Act of 1965

    Voting Rights Act of 1965
    Federal decision that outlawed discrimination in voting based on racial orientation.
  • Edgewood V. Kirby

    Edgewood V. Kirby
    Demetrio Rodriguez, and other parents of Mexican Students in the Edgewood ISD of San Antonio, Texas filed a class action lawsuit due to the finance system.
    Shot down by the US District Court, as it was determined education is not a civil right.