Theodore Roosevelt

  • Theodore Roosevelt is born

    Welcomed into this world to achive many things
  • Yosemite under Federal Control

    goes back more than a 100 years , from indian to european explores
  • Returns from the Spanish-American War as a hero

    Rooselvelt served well with the brief conflict
  • named president when mckinly was assassinated

    He became president when Mckinly was killed, he acheived a lot
  • Elkins act passed

    Helped the ICC make heavy fines for the rail roads
  • Pelican Island, Florida named first national wildlife refuge

    Roosevelt helped make a place to protect the animals
  • Wins first full term as President

    He suceeded do to the passing of Mckinley
  • passage of pure food and drug act

    To make sure the food and work enviorment was safe and clean
  • Devils Tower Named first national monument

    Founded by roosevelt
  • leaves presidency visits africa

    Travels to find new things
  • Runs for presidency, unsuccessfully for Bull-Moose Party

  • Energy crisis