Thematic Guide to US History

  • Period: to


    Salutary Neglect vs Growing Colonial Freedoms
  • End of Seven Years War

  • Period: to


    English Imperialism vs Colonial independence
    Federalism vs Anti Federalists (dem-repub)
  • Washington is the First President

  • Period: to

    Federalist Era

    Federalist Centrlization vs Jeffersonian Republicanism
  • Revolution of 1800

    Jefferson becomes president
  • Period: to

    Antebellum, Sectionalism

    Nationalism vs Sectionalism
    Reform vs Nullification
    Free labor vs Slave
    Manifest Destiny
    American System
    Mexican War
  • Period: to

    Rising Tensions/ Civil War

    Nationalism vs Sectionalism
    Free vs Slave
    North vs South
  • Peace at Appomattox

  • Period: to


    Liberal vs Radical
  • Rutherford Hayes' elected

    Took away troops
  • Period: to

    Gilded Age

    Big Business vs Labor Activism
    Political corruption vs Reformist impulse
    Urbanization vs Agrarianism
  • TR becomes president

  • Period: to

    Progressive Era

    Liberal reform vs Pro Busiess/conservativism
    Idealism vs Self-Interest
  • Inauguration of Harding

    Return to normalcy
  • Period: to

    Roaring Twenties

    Conservativism vs Liberalism
    Individualism vs Social Responsibility
  • Stock Market Crash

  • Period: to

    Great Depression, WWI, Isolationism, WWII

    New Deal vs conservativism
    Internationalism vs Isolationism
  • VJ Day

  • Period: to

    Cold War

    Conservativism vs liberalism
    Internationalism vs Isolationism
    Idealism vs Pragmatism
    Fundamentalism vs Liberalism
    Conservativism vs The Welfare State
  • Fall of USSR

  • Period: to

    Modern Times

    Post Cold War vs Anticommunism
    Economic gain vs Social Fragility
    Radical Liberalism vs Reactionary Republicanism
    You know, Same old