Henry viii 295

The Wives Of Henry VIII

  • Period: Sep 16, 1505 to Sep 16, 1548

    'The Wives Of Henry VIII

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  • Jun 11, 1509

    Catherine of Aragon

    Catherine of Aragon
    Parents : Ferdinand the II of Aragon, Isabella I of Castile (4pts)
    Length of Marriage : 24 years (12pts)
    Children : One girl called Mary (5pts)
    End of Marriage : Divorced because she was old, this meaned she couldn't give Henry a son. (-5pts)
    Total Points : 16pts
  • Jan 25, 1533

    Anne Boleyn

    Anne Boleyn
    Parents : Thomas Boleyn, !st Earl of Wiltshire, Elizabeth Boleyn Countess of Wiltshire (2pts)
    Length of Marriage : 3 Years (1.5pts)
    Children : One Child Named Elizabeth (5pts)
    End Of Marriage : Beheaded, accused of adultery (-10pts)
    Total Points : -1.5
  • May 30, 1536

    Jane Seymour

    Jane Seymour
    Parents : John Seymour, Margery Wentworth (2pts)
    Length of Marriage : 1 year (0.5pts)
    Children : One child named Edward (10pts)
    End of Marriage : Died (5pts)
    Total Points : 17.5pts
  • Jan 6, 1540

    Anne of Cleves

    Anne of Cleves
    Parents : John III, Duke Of Cleves, Maria of Julich-Berg (2pts)
    Length of Marriage : 6 Months (0pts)
    Children : None (-5pts)
    End Of Marriage : Divorced, Henry Thought she looked like a horse (-5pts)
    Total points : -8pts
  • Jul 28, 1540

    Catherine Howard

    Catherine Howard
    Parents : Joyce Culpeper, Lord Edmund Howard (2pts)
    Length of Marriage : 2 years (1pts)
    Children : None (-5pts)
    End of Marriage : Executed for having several previous boyfriends ( -10pts)
    Total points : -12pts
  • Jul 12, 1543

    Catherine Parr

    Catherine Parr
    Parents : Thomas Parr, Maud Green (2pts)
    Length of Marriage : 4 years (2pts)
    Children : None (5pts)
    End of Marriage : Survived and outlived Henry (5pts)
    Total Points : 14pts
    She died a year after Henry's Death